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38 thoughts on “So much cum

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I totally agree. I am thankful you viewed this vid.
      Even me, a white male is turned on by it.
      What white wife or girlfriend would not be interested in taking this?
      I hope you get to some day…

  1. This black superman could get any white slut female he likes, with the size of his beautiful cock. But to also come like a fire hose must make him one most sought after studs you can get, hes amazing.

  2. I am not gay but I would love to get my hands around that thing the size is unreal! if I could get my girlfriend into this, then this would be the cock I would like to see her take, no wonder black men get so many white women pregnant producing so much cum!!

    1. Cuck2B,

      I am ABSOLUTELY in your court. I can’t believe how much I would love to see my girl take this. I would have her seeing this guy on a regular basis. I’d luv to see the look on her face when he pumps that much seed in her. I don’t know what makes me crave this for her – but I think you and I know – hard to explain. Did you show this vid to your girl? Would she be interested?I can’t stop thinking about my girl and this guy….

      1. Bobby & Cuck 2B, I showed this to my wife (we are married only 3 months) and she loved it. She said she love to try Black cock. I have arranged for a Black guy I work with to come over Sat night (Jan 12) and he knows that she wants black cock.

  3. wow!! what a beautiful uncircumcised ho rse cock this stud ofa man has he must be so proud to swing his cock in the gym shower knowing all the small cocked white men are envious and jealous of his mighty black cock and those balls shooting enough black seed to knock up a dozen white married women!!

  4. Mike – what an enormous fire hose of a seed deliverer. I’d love to see you refrain from masturbation and drinking for a week and then ejaculation that load into my wife. We’d wait for her fertile period. Contact me.

  5. oh my god. I truly believe men like these are masters. They should have couples serving them and taking care of their sexual needs. I would be willing to do anything for this man. I would proudly suck that cock and allow him to use me and my wife in any way he wants to. that is a real man!! It would be a privilege to have him use us.

    1. My wife and I have a Black master who is not quite this huge. But I have sucked him off and I’m proud of it. Next is to get my wife pregnant by him

      1. Lucky you. I bought wife a thick blk dildo she is practising on and I can feel she is getting hornier. Soon I will do what you are doing

  6. This video should be shown to every women and man that has ever thought of succumbing to the super black race. We just saw Superman in action. What a great show…..what man or women would not want that piece of meat in their hands?

  7. even me, married straight mexican would drop to my knees and be thiat black ashy brothas str8 slave bitch, look at him str8 pumping that nigger pipe with both hands, i would choke on that b

  8. I Am A Faggot slave for Blk Men & Id Luv surrendering. Both my boi-pussy & cummthirsty cunt-throat back n forth for that Awesome Cock & All that TASTY cummmmmmmm. Fuck I Luv suckin a Huge Blk Cock & Swallowin a gallon of cummmm.

  9. ahhhhh so hot unreal superior black powertool. im a single sissy now but back when i had some hot girlfriends in the past? if i had a chance to meet this guy and have him fuck her? wow that would be sooooo hot. i would fall to my knees in pink lingerie and watch him pump that massive load into my woman and listen to her scream out in ecstasy saying how much she loves his superhuman monster schlong then id be a good sissy and kiss and lick her and tell her how much i love her while she has a face and body covered in gooey jizz!!

  10. I have a nice dick for a white guy, but this makes me feel like a woman. It’s easy to understand why white women go black and cut off their boyfriends and husbands from sex.

  11. damn, what a big phat lick- and suckable moster-shoot!
    must be a pleasure to be with you!
    if u’re interested in a black nymphomaniac slutty bitch-sista, please contact me asap …

    licks and kisses on that monster-dick

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