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Springbreak with friend

I decided to help my roommate at college expand her herizons. She would not try it at school, she grewup in a small town.
So when we went on springbreak last summer I decided to help her along. Told this guy at the party she liked it agressive and not to hold back. I didn’t know how drumk he was at the time. He snuck up on her when i had her looking at me. Only could get one picture used the rest earler.
Needless to say the music was loud and she got pind to the table, she realy got grinded hard, she really screamed but had to take it. I think he had it out and pocked her right into her bikikni bottom and between her legs.
Springbreak with friend

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6 thoughts on “Springbreak with friend

  1. Wow…Mandy
    You are a very very naughty girl to do that to your roommate.
    To bad you didn’t bring a camcorder to film it with sound.
    Was she mad at you after, turned on by it, or embarressed?
    She looks in the pic like she was shocked?

  2. Spring break is when a lot of white college girls take the plunge into interracial sex. That’s an ideal time for BBCs to plunge into all that partying white pussy.This often leads to the girls becoming hotwives when they later marry white husbands.

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