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8 thoughts on “Stunning brunette sucks

  1. She is gorgeous, I loved ger outfit , sexy red thong and she is lucky too, what a amazing cock ! thicker than a baseball !!! lucky girl…

  2. good girl – her husband must be so proud of her ! imagine giving her a deep french kiss just after this black dude has cum in her mouth

  3. My wife said she learned in the secret to getting a Black Monster Cock down in the army.
    She had to practice holding her breath and concentrating on blocking the gag reflex,
    She said once she mastered that they would throat fuck her. She said she always did this over the rod or on her knees the trick was the second you feel the his urethra start to pulse she had to get his dick head back in her mouth, cause once that black bull starts cummin’ he’s almost impossible to stop. She almost drowned on his “load” this way once. This is why she never laid on the bed again when getting throat fucked!

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