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Sweet Asian cutie is stretched wide

When white guy married this oriental beauty he didn’t even suspect about her passion for black studs! However he allowed her to satisfy her lust with these guys and now he can peek at her being undressed and penetrated by new bullasian wife black cockasian wife black cockasian wife black cockasian wife black cockasian wife black cockasian wife black cockasian wife black cockasian wife black cock

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14 thoughts on “Sweet Asian cutie is stretched wide

  1. husband is lucky he can enjoy her fucked cunt when she gets home,lick that nice black seed out of his slutwifes cunt,I have 3 asian(filippina) friends who once a week go out,supposed play “ma jong”(some asian game with domino’s)just with the girls,well no domino’s for those lady’s,I can tell you,they love fucking those black studs more then anybody,none of their husbands know,one of them is dooing it for many years,it seams h the one’s with the tini’est cunts love fucking the biggest cock,I remember recently,this girl married only a vew months,looks and build like a little kid,her pussy is just a little slit between her skinny legs,this guy with a very large,thick cock she wanted to fuck,he try’ed but just no way,the head of his dick just made,he wanted to stop,said no way I get my cock in her fucking cunt,she got so pist off,start swearing like “don’t fucking stop”I want that fucking n**** cock in my fucking cunt,split my fucking cunt in two if you have to,we all tryed push that damm thing in,but just was inpossible,i tell you those innocent tiny asian wifes turn out the biggest whores if they got the change,not that I blame them ofcourse,I actually love to party with them,like to lick their pussy’s myself.

  2. That babe grew up next to an American base in Okinawa and was getting big black cock thrust into her from the age of eleven, with her parents watching and filming.

  3. that is so hot.., my asian wife and me had a 3some with an arab guy, who had a 9inch by 8 around.., she fucked him, then told me she didnt wanna fuck me cos she was too sore, then i went and used some drugs for a while, come back to find her fucking him again :)when i did fuck her, i couldnt feel anything.., she was soo loose

  4. Nice. Love watching my Asian wife get dicked down hard by a couple of black guys. Asians love big black cocks. We are always looking for new guys, contact us

  5. My petite Asian wife fucks blacks and I will tell you, she cannot get enough of their huge cocks. She loves them bottoming out in her and she recently got an IUD because she loves taking a man raw and feeling him cum in her. The larger the cock the more she loves and she has no trouble taking it in her ass either. Size matters and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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