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Taken by my Black Lover

He held my hand while I watched. Watched the man before me look at my body, inspect me, sort of. My husband had brought him home from work with him. He was a tall man, this stranger to our house. My husband is not tall. My husband is barely taller than me. But this man towered over both of us. He reached forward and unbuttoned my top button, pulling my collar back and exposing my soft skin there. He smiled as he saw the swell of my high, full, firm breasts. I am justly proud of them. They drive my husband crazy when he wants to touch them I will not let him. But I had no such games in me tonight. I was already breathing raggedly as I wtached this man that was going to own me, use me, and fill me with his essence.

With a single downward motion, his powerful hand ripped the rest of my buttons open, fully exposing my breasts that were not covered by a brazier. My husband had asked me to remove it just before he and this man arrived home. It was the condition he had asked for when I, after several years of his begging, instructed him to bring home a person of his choice to fuck me. His eyes had gone wide when I used the ‘F’ word. I had never used that word before in his presence.

My husband’s eyes were glued to my half naked body now. His surprise at the stanger’s hand ripping my expensive blouse open caused him to suddenly wonder if he had brought the right man home. The stranger reached inside the top of my skirt, and in a single jerk, ripped it open, removed it, and dropped it. Then he looked down his nose at my husband as if to say, “Like that? Wait until I fuck your little white whore wife, you little white pencil dick!”
Taken by my Black Lover

My husband did not hold this man’s eyes, instead looking at down at his shoes in abject fear, his face red in humiliation, unable to protect his own wife against this huge man’s utter dominance. “Go stand in the corner, white bread!” My husband turned on his heel and walked directly to the nearest corner, standing there, head bowed, his hands shaking. “Now stay there, white bread, while I take your white slut up stairs and fuck her till she screams for more big black cock. Then I will call my friends, and we will all fuck her. This is my house now, not yours, and you are my servant, white bread. Any question about that?”

My husband shook his head no. “Answer my question, white bread, I can’t hear you.”
“No SIR!”
“Good! You asked me to come here and fuck your white wife with my big black cock. So now I own you, pencil dick. Get used to it, white boy. Now turn around and come over here and take my clothes off so I can fuck this good looking whore.

Fold them and hang them up and there had better not ever be any wrinkles in them when I put them back on after I fuck your white slut wife. Clear, white bread?”

“Yes SIR!” My husband scurried over and removed the stranger’s clothing and hung it up, being very careful with them! I was amazed! I noticed his hands shaking as he did so. His face was a mask of fear. He was afraid of this man. I reveled in this knowledge.

My thighs were saturated with my arousal. My hands were shaking too, but not from fear. I was so aroused that I could feel my sex unfolding, parting, becoming ready for his unrestricted use. “Now get your white ass back in that corner while I have fun.” My husband was back in his corner before I could take my eyes off this man’s huge penis that hung to his knees.

He reached out for my hand, and I took it, walking beside him up the stairs to our marital bedroom, to our marital bed. I reached up to his neck and he bent over to kiss me. A soft, gentle, loving kiss of sincere affection.

“Did I over do that?” He whispered to me.
“No baby, I think he got the point. Welcome to my bedroom! I have been dreaming of this since last month when we were at trhe retreat! Got lots of cum for me this time too?”

“Did your hubbie ever find out about that?” “No, he never even suspected. He actually fucked me right after you left, then I made him eat me out and he never even realized that your cummies were in me! Kind of amazing when you know how

little cum he shoots. About one one hundreth of what you shoot baby! God baby, I am so wet. Come on baby, fuck me right now! I have waited way too long for this! I need to feel that huge black cock up inside me shooting your sperm directly on my cervical opeining. Think this time it will take?”

Rawl threw me on the bed, I opened my thighs, and he moved between them, his erection ready and pulsing. He entered me hard, and I screamed with an ardor I had never felt before. He bottomed in his first stroke into me. I had been working on opening my tiny white pussy to have it ready for his thick cock’s entrance tonight.

I continued to scream as he pumped me, his huge black cock straining my body to its limits with each deep stroke. Vaguely I heard my husband crying downstairs, most likely certain my screams were from pain, not my overwhelming pleasure.

Rawl’s face began to strain, and I knew he was close. “Yell that you’re going to cum in my cunt so I will bear a black baby honey!” I urged him. He did! “I’m going to fuck you full of my black cum and make you pregnant, you white whore!”

I renewed my screams and began to beg him “OH GOD NO! NOT IN MY CUNT! NOT IN MY CUNT! NOT IN MY CUNT! I WILL GET PREGNANT! NO! NO! NO! OH GOD YOUR CUMMING IN MY CUNT! OH GOD, I WILL GET PREGNANT! OH GOD I AM FERTILE TODAY. PLEASE NO, NOT IN MY CUNT. PLEASE NOT IN MY CUNT!” I ended my fake pleas with a long high wail as orgasm after orgasm rocked my body, and as my beautiful black lover grunted and moaned, his cock pulsing and jerking deep inside me. I could feel his sperm being delivered so deeply in me that with one exception (this same wonderful black man one month before) no man had ever been there before.

As our orgasms waned, I heard my valiant husband overcome his fear and run up the stair. He burst into our bedroom as Rawl rolled off of me. His cock was so long, that the end made a sucking popping sound as it pulled from within me. It lay on both his thigh and my thigh as my husband rounded the corner and entered our bedroom.

“What the HELL you doing coming into the room where I am fucking your wife, white bread?” My husband stopped in his tracks, again cowering under the total dominance of this huge powerful black man.

My husband hurried over, kneeling between my legs, moving his frantic mouth to my sex, and his tongue began frantically digging into my opening, searching for any vestiges of the black man’s fecund cum. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing, thinking that his tongue was as short as his dick. There was no way he would reach even a quarter of Rawl’s potent sperm without a straw! It was the last thing I remember before my orgasm again overtook me and I bucked against my husband’s mouth until I passed out in total bliss.

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  1. This is the best way to establish complete dominance and verify control. Once that has been established then the sky is the limit as far as what the black man can do, have, allow or not allow to take place concerning the white couples sexual activity, or lack thereof if he so decides.

    I feel sure that the white husbands new primary sexual tool is now his tongue. To further inflict any humiliation on the hubby here the black man should order him, or better yet have his wife order him to first clean her up and then go retrieve his blow up love doll so he can blow it up and fuck it for them as their after sex entertainment for the evening.

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