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Tammy’s jamaican awaking – interracial cuckold story

My wife Tammy was a pretty conservative girl. She was not the real church type and she had certainly had her fun in her day but married and being 34 she was not the fiery and sexual type that she was in her twenties. Guess two kids and life will do that to you. Our sex life had gotten pretty stale despite buying sex toys, porn and the like. And a little more about Tammy she is brunette she was definitely not the model type but her tits and ass made me horny and she turned more heads then she knew with her nice curves. Compared to many of my coworker’s wife’s I felt like I had the real catch. One of my fantasies was to watch her have sex with another man whom had a bigger package than my 5″ penis. The image of her getting it on with another guy turned me on I loved watching her do anything be it shower play with her toys or just see her in her sexy underwear. I had told her about this fantasy and she had gone back and forth if it was something she would do or would want to do.
During my discussion with her I told her about the nude beaches in Jamaica. At first the idea did not take with her but after a while she opened up to the idea and liked the thought of going to a party kind of place. I figured this might also offer an opportunity to share her with another hung guy. After all the men in Jamaica are known for being good lovers. We had talked about having a threesome while on vacation but she continued to tell me how she only loved my dick despite her loving having sex with her sex toys which easily doubled the size of my cock. By the time the trip approached she was still up in the air if she was interested in trying on some local hung Jamaican so only time would tell.
After months of waiting the week finally came. No matter what happened that week any week in the Caribbean was better than a week at the office. After arriving in Jamaica we took a shuttle to our hotel. The drivers in Jamaica drove like bats out of hell and we were thankful to get to our hotel without incident. After checking in we were escorted to our room by the bell hop named Tomas. He was a 20 something guy with skin as dark as night and a strong build. He referred to Tammy as “pretty lady” this made her blush but she gladly flirted back. After unpacking Tammy and I wanted to check out the beach bars and dinning. We agreed to stick to the non nude beach first as she was not sure she was ready to bear all herself just yet. Before we made it 100 feet from our room a server asked us if we would like a drink. We took our Pina Coladas and continued our tour of the place. The water was beautiful and the grounds were nice but not overwhelmingly stunning. We had finished our first drink and decided to have another. There were only a few people on the non nude beach to our surprise but we could hear a lot of people on the other side of the wall that separated the two beaches. To my surprise Tammy asked “Do you want to go over to the nude side it sounds as if a lot of people are having fun?” I played it down but with great anticipation on the inside agreed to go check out the nude beach.
We stripped our clothes off and put them in a locker at the nude beach. The nude side was packed with people. It was shocking in a way at first to see so many naked bodies of all different kinds of people. Tammy at first was almost bright red in the face about being naked. All in all she was certainly one of the more attractive women on the beach. This got her a lot of extra looks from both men and women. After finding a couple of chairs in the shade I went and got us a couple more drinks. On my way back I noticed Tammy was talking to another couple. Went I sat down she introduced me to Robert and Jane. They appeared to be another couple in their early 30’s. Jane was quite the hottie she was a red head with a pretty big rack and obviously worked out. Robert seemed to be a sharp guy but he was even more lacking than my 5″ cock (which made me feel better). It turns out that Robert and Jane had been here before and loved the place. After talking for a while I noticed that the staff was setting up some kind of stage on the beach. I asked Robert what they were doing and he said they were having some sort of show with the Caribbean Male models. Jane jumped in at this point and asked Robert for some money so she could tip the men. Robert handed her a fistful of cash. It wasn’t too much longer and there was music blaring a DJ was introducing all these male models. Jane and Tammy’s focus had abruptly turned towards the act. At first it appeared to be little more than a runway type show until they asked who would like to lather the guys up for their nude walk. Jane jumped up like a wild sex crazed school girl and was bidding on the rights to be rub one of these guys down. For like 10 dollars she won a bid to oil up Raul. Me and Tammy were a bit shocked at watching these ladies oil up these ebony studs and clearly fondling them in front of the whole beach. Jane was smiling from ear to ear as she stroked on Raul in front of everyone. After the men were oiled up they strutted their stuff in the buff and the show was basically over.
It was getting to be late afternoon and Tammy suggested we go back to our room to “rest” before eating dinner. We said goodbye to Robert and Jane and she pulled me back to our room. No sooner then we made it to our room Tammy shoved me to the bed and pulled out my cock. I teased her a bit if watching Jane had those studs had got her excited. She told me to shut up and began riding my cock like a mad woman. As she rode my member she played with her clit and had a nice orgasm. After I got off she curled up beside me and we took a nap before the evening set in.
After a good nap we cleaned up a bit and went to dinner. The restaurant was nice and our server BeBe was on point. BeBe flirted with Tammy and about every opportunity. After eating the customary jerk chicken we decided we should get back in the groove and drink some more before the evening party took hold. We went to the non nude beach and watched the sunset and continued to pound down several pina coladas and took in the beautiful Caribbean sunset. The party theme for that night was a toga party so we returned to our rooms and robbed a couple sheets from our bell hop Tomas and went to the evening’s party. I thought we had got their early but the room was crowded and the Reggae was thumping as people were laughing and tearing it up on the dance floor. Tammy was a bit shy and rebuffed several guys whom asked her to dance. After several more drinks we ran into Jane and Robert. Jane was obviously drunk and she gave Tammy a stumbling hug like they were old high school friends. They joined us at our table and ordered more drinks. Jane kept trying to get me to dance with her but I continued to tell her no. She finally dragged Tammy out on to the Dance floor to grind herself away. I told Robert he was a lucky guy to have such a fox like Jane he replied “you have no idea”. By this time the girls were getting a lot of attention shaking their bodies to the Reggae beats. Jane’s toga could not keep up with her movements and she was therefore shaking to the beats in nothing more than her Baby Doll and Panties. Two of the local guys had appeared to take an interest in the girls and were chatting with them up close. Shortly after that Tammy returned to the table and she seemed a bit flustered. On the other hand Jane was now grinding to the music to two big local Jamaican guys. I was not sure if it was the booze or what but they were damn near mauling her right there on the dance floor. This caused me to spring some serious wood. Shortly after that Tammy told me she was tired and wanted to go walk on the beach before calling it a night as this had been a very long day already. I agreed and we said good night to Robert and to Jane although I am not sure she even heard us. As we walked the beach Tammy told me that Jane must be a slut because she said she was really egging those local guys on. I told Tammy she looked like she was having fun and that she should loosen up a bit. She was unsure if she could get that loose but Tammy did say she thought it was sexy to watch Jane tear it up out on the dance floor.
We continued to walk the beach and made our way back to our room. Shortly before we got their however we heard what appeared to be the sounds of sex. Tammy and I stopped and got real quiet. As we scanned across the beach we saw under an umbrella 3 bodies two on one umbrella and another person sitting on the other chair. The two together on the chair were obviously having some serious action. Tammy and I decided to sneak over to another chair in the shade and watch this torrid scene unfold. The girl was grunting loudly like I have never heard before. And then it hit both me and Tammy when the girl screamed “HONEY I LOVE FUCKING HIS BIG BLACK COCK” that voice could only belong to Jane. Tammy’s mouth was wide open like she was offended but then she whispered in my ear for me to rub her cunt. I gently played with her clit as she stared and listened to her new friend get a fucking like she had never seen before. Jane kept riding the guys cock and at one point she asked Robert to suck on her tits while she was fucking. Robert jumped to attention to help out his wife and then returned to stroke his own little member. After what seemed like 3 orgasms for Jane the guy finally said he was cumming which made Jane ride him even faster. At this point Tammy and I snuck away before we were discovered.

As Tammy and I made our way to our room she asked me “why would Robert want his wife to do such a thing” I told her I guessed he found it hot to see his wife receive pleasure that he could not really offer her. I then asked Tammy if she would like that kind of enjoyment. She assured me that my dick was all she needed to stay happy. As soon as we got to our room she tore off her clothes like they were on fire and commanded me to eat her pussy. After shedding my clothes I gladly obliged. Her pussy was soaking wet from all the excitement she just witnessed. After going down on her for a while she lustfully asked me to fuck her. I could not wait I immediately got on top of her and began to fuck her for all my worth. Unfortunately all the previous excitement had me pretty worked up and after about 5 minutes I could not hold it any longer and I released my orgasm into her wanting pussy. I asked her at this point if she wanted to play with one of her toys. In a coy voice she said “yes bring the big one” the “big one” was about a 7″ vibrator that we often used in our love making. After lubing it up I began fucking her with the vibrating dong and begin to work her tits over with my mouth. She then asked for me to fuck her deeper and harder with the toy which I was happy to do for her. I asked her if she was thinking of the “big black cock her friend was riding on tonight” she acted like she didn’t hear me so I stopped fucking her with the toy and asked her again. This time she uttered “yes honey that was fucking hot now fuck me hard and deep” I immediately picked up the pace with the toy. After some very sexy moans she then asked me to” lick her clit while I fucked her with the big black stud.” I then went back down on her while still fucking her with the big toy. This turned her already lusty sounds into what must have sounded like a homicide as she was moaning loudly and bucking her hips as my tongue and the toy worked her over well. She had a massive orgasm unlike I have ever seen her have before. However to my surprise instead of wanting to break off the sex she kept asking for “more of that big cock fast and deep”. Truthfully I could not go any deeper and faster but I kept the pace until she had an even bigger orgasm. Had this been a hotel in the states someone would have been knocking on our door but this kind of activity was about par for the course for where we were at. After having her second orgasm she collapsed like a rag doll. I held her tightly to me as we went to sleep after our first exciting night in Jamaica.

After sleeping off the night before we awoke mid morning and decided to get the tail end of breakfast. After eating from a lavish breakfast spread we decided to check out more of the resort. We went by the spa and the services were very affordable. Tammy said she definitely wanted a massage before she left. We decided we would go to our room and get our beach gear. After gearing up for the beach (which is real easy going buff) we made our way to the beach. It was already quite crowded. Tammy had already shed what little modesty she had about going in the nude. There were a number of chairs and as it happens there was a place next to Roger and Jane. As we settled in I listened to the girls chatting. I knew what Tammy was thinking but she was certainly too modest to ask her about last night. After a couple of cocktails and some mindless chatter Jane talked Tammy into getting a massage. She assured her the massages here were world class and she would love it. I kissed Tammy bye and decided to check out the activities why the girls were getting massaged.

After checking out the water and playing some nude volleyball Tammy caught back up with me she was beaming from head to toe. She came up to me and grabbed me by my 4″ member and told me she wanted to go to our room. I figured volleyball could wait a while. I asked her about her massage. Tammy took a deep breath then said “it was awesome” Apparently the masseuse named Raja was well very fit Jamaican guy. She said that he had her fully undress and that his strong hands had rubbed her in ways she did not know could be done. She went on to tell me that Jane had told her that if you wanted a “special” massage you need only ask. This had my mind going wild. I asked her what the special massage was. Apparently the masseuse gets in the buff as well and he caress’s you in all the right places. I egged her on. She said he massaged the inner thighs the breasts and the butt. So I asked Tammy if she got the “special massage” she giggled out “yes”. She went on to say Raja had like an 8″ cock and that in rubbed all over her while he was working her over and that she was now as horny as hell. She also told me more about Jane and Robert. After the massage Tammy apparently built up the courage to ask her about what we saw last night. Jane laughed and said that she and Robert had a good understanding and that Jane was allowed to play with certain guys if they fit the bill. Apparently the bill was well hung men. I then pressed Tammy about playing on her own and Tammy said with a new attitude that “we will have to see.” Tammy and I went back for a quickie that ended with her riding her “big toy” to an incredible orgasm.

After some afternoon sex we decided to rest up for what promised to be another long night. We got dressed she wore some sexy slut wear and then went down for a later dinner. After dinner and drinks we decided to check out the club at the hotel. The reggae was thumping and there was a good time to be had but all the crazy people in the little club. Several guys asked Tammy if she wanted to groove but she kept brushing them off. I encouraged her to dance but she rebuffed my offers. As the night wore on we were both a bit hazy we decided to check out the nude pool and beach. After stripping down (which had totally loss any awkwardness) we made our way to the hot tub. We heard a lot of laughter coming from the area and did not know what to expect. Whatever we expected to see we were still shocked to see a girl sitting on the ledge of the tub with another 30 something girl going down on her. The guys in the hot tub were encouraging them on. Tammy clinched my hand like this was some kind of death march. I caressed her palm to try to assure her everything was going to be alright. After getting in the tub everyone introduced themselves. There were two married couples Tim and Robin and Gene and Sandy and there was also two other guys by themselves Thad and Tom. Apparently Robin and Sandy had just met but they were still caressing each other in the tub. They were clearly very glazed over. Thad and Tom introduced themselves to us and they were both clearly hitting on Tammy. Thad and Tom were college friends that had come here to party during the semester. Thad had moved closer to Tammy and I could tell she was not sure what or how to act. I rubbed her leg to give her encouragement at Toms advances. After about twenty minutes Thad and Robin were now obviously fucking in the tub. She was riding him on his lap although the bubbles obstructed any view of the action. It was about at that point Tammy looked over at me and said we needed to go because we had to get some rest. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping my little hotwife to be would play at least a bit but she seemed rather insistent and I did not want to push her to hard. On the way back to our room I asked her what was up and she then said “do you promise you won’t get mad?” I assured her that I would not. She said that as Tom was hitting on her she was getting real turned on and finally got some courage and she reached over and began stroking his cock. This of course got me excited. But as she explained “even after stroking for several minutes it was basically no bigger than mine and so she figured what was the point.” I told her she was absolutely right and that if she wanted to play then her playmate damn well better be bigger than me. She seemed relieved and reached over and grabbed my cock and planted a wet kiss on me. After a sensual embrace I suggested that she should get together with Jane as she seemed to know where and how to the land the big ones. She asked me “are you sure you want this” to which I replied “absolutely” she then said “THANK YOU!” and gave me the most passionate but sloppy kiss I received probably since Junior High. We then hustled off to our room to get cozy and tease her a bit with her big toy.

The next afternoon could not get her soon enough. We had a very routine breakfast and lunch and begin drinking in the mid afternoon. She finally ran into Jane and she was all smiles and made a point to get her alone. Robert and I sat around while the girls were on a walk and shooting the bull about god knows what. When the girls came walking back up Jane had the most devilish smile on her face and Tammy had a look like she was guilty of something. They said they wanted to go get another massage and I told Tammy to enjoy herself. Robert and I sat around and drank and checked out all the living scenery on the beach as it passed us by. I finally grew the courage after about a 6 pack to ask about him and Jane’s sex life. Robert said it started several years ago when they first came to this resort. He indicated that she was mesmerized by the guys with huge cocks. Apparently in college she dated several black athletes and she could not get the urge out of her body the way they had fucked her. After about 4 days of teasing about it he told her to indulge herself and he said the rest was history. The girls eventually got back from their massages and Tammy looked like she was on serious drugs as lucid as she appeared. By this time the heat and alcohol were taking effect so I suggested to Tammy we go nap before the evening activities.

After a relaxing nap Tammy and I awoke and got ready for the evening. I asked her about her massage and she indicated that she was enthralled with her black masseuse and his large cock. She said that at one point as it rubbed up against her she could not resist grabbing it and she jerked him off for several minutes while he rubbed her breasts. Tammy said he was no less than 9″ hard and she just kept thinking about that cock in her wanting pussy. She got close to me again and asked “are you really ok with this?” To which I assured her it will be hot as hell to watch her get some pleasure from another guy. She pecked me on the cheek as she continued to get into costume. The theme for this evening was Halloween and we had each brought a costume. My garb was a Hugh Heffner get up complete with the robe and pipe while she was going dressed as a school girl. Her outfit consisted off a while Button up short shirt a short plaid skirt with knee high socks. Her curves were busting out of this outfit her tits and ass were barely contained and her tummy might as well have been a six pack as it was hard to notice anything but her awesome curves, the get up was made complete with her two pony tails. After getting all done up we went to dinner for what promised to be a very interesting evening.

The crowd at dinner was quite impressive. About every woman there was dressed in slut mode and the site was very impressive for all of us guys there. We met Jane and Robert and we began drinking pretty early. As the evening went on the girls were getting quite worked up. Jane drug Tammy on to the dance floor where they began to grind away on each other like they were a thing. This of course got the guys attentions. After breaking a sweat the girls came back to the table for a little rest. While they were resting two rather large black men came over and began to flirt with Jane. They introduced themselves as Ray Ray and Akeem, It seems Jane already had quite a reputation with some of the men in this place. Jane talked Tammy into dancing with the two of them and she went to the floor with no hesitation as the alcohol had clearly killed any inhibition she may have had. Akeem was the apparently the guy from the beach the other night he was holding Jane tight to his body while Tammy was catching her groove with Ray. They disappeared from view for a couple of minutes as I could only guess what she was doing. Eventually she emerged from the crowd and at this point she was chest to chest with Ray her legs were straddling his as they moved in harmony to the Reggae beat the expression on her face was of wanting and lust and I knew where this was going at this point. After a song ended she broke from her tight grasp with Ray and came back over to the table. She looked to me and said she was “horny as hell right now”. She went on to say while dancing she could feel his stiff member through his pants and that it felt big. I asked her if she wanted to try him out to which she gave me a very convincing nod of the head. Scanning the dance floor I found Jane she was locked into an embrace with Akeem and he was clearly feeling up her ass while they were mugging down in the middle of the dance floor. At this point I was not sure what to feel. I was part excited and turned on by the site of my wife enjoying her new friend and part hesitant as I was not sure what this would lead to. My excited side clearly did win out over any reservations I had. After a couple more dances and another cocktail Tammy said she was ready to head to our room and that she invited Ray back to our room for “drinks”. At this point Jane and Robert were nowhere to be seen.

I led Tammy and Ray back to our room. He was all over her as we made our way through the nice Caribbean night. Once in the room Ray took a seat in one of the chairs and Tammy sat in his lap. I asked if they wanted a drink Ray told me he would take a beer for which I was happy to oblige. As Tammy sat on his lap Ray began to get a bit more frisky as he was rubbing Tammy’s breast through her clothes. I excused myself to the bathroom to change and to see what would take place in my absence. As I cleaned up for the evening I had some wild thoughts running through my head. After what seemed like an eternity I came back from the bathroom. At this point Tammy’s top was pulled all the way down and her panties were around her ankles as Ray had one hand on a breast and the other on her hot cunt. Tammy had managed to free Rays pants just enough to be able to stroke his large cock. Rays cock must have been 9″ long and easily twice as thick as mine. After making out with Ray while stroking his large black cock she had a very lustful look to her face. At that point Ray told her “suck my cock baby”. At this point Tammy was all his she got off his lap and shed all her clothes and helped him out of his. Not only did Ray have a big cock but he was very athletic as well. Tammy then did as ordered and went to her knees and began licking and bobbing on Ray’s hard cock. She seemed to be overwhelmed at first trying to suck his big cock but after a minute or two began to adjust to his larger member. At one point she stopped and looked over to me and told me to “eat her pussy”. I gladly obliged and slid down under her as she was kneeling while Ray sat comfortably in the chair. No sooner than my tongue hit her already wet pussy she let out a muffled moan while she continued to work over Ray’s large dick. A couple minutes after licking her hot pussy she began to move and grind her hips into my tongue as she continued to suck on his big black cock. Although I had not even touched my cock I was as hard as my 4″ member was going to get. Tammy stopped after several minutes more of this setup and got up and looked to Ray and said “I need your cock in me now”. She went over to the bed and laid down with her legs spread and began to play with her clit as she waited for her black lover to make his way over. Ray climbed on top of Tammy and slowly began to insert his black meat into Tammy’s pussy. They had not even really started having sex and Tammy asked me to bring over some lubricant to aid her pussy in taking this new cock. After Tammy lubed both him and her up Tammy then guided Rays large member back to her wanting cunt. At first Ray went real slowly. With each stroke Tammy both gasped and moaned in the same breath. At one point as Ray began to pick up his pace Tammy let out an “ouch” and cringed. But within mere seconds that ouch was replaced by a lusty moan. This only encouraged Ray more and he began to pick up his pace and the depth he was fucking her. After no more than 5 minutes Tammy had no reservation about the size of her lovers cock and she then began to tell him “faster and deeper baby”. This as expected was all Ray needed to her as he now picked up his pace and was not holding back as his 9″ black cock was penetrating Tammy’s pussy. Tammy’s moans were now replaced with near screaming as that black dick worked her over. Within several more minutes Tammy’s moans and screams were picking up more and she told him “fuck me with your big black cock baby” Ray continued to work her over until she finally began screaming as she was having a really hard orgasm. What was even more unique was that Ray was still on top of her and she had not even touched her clit. In all of our years of sex she had never orgasmed without something rubbing on her clit. Ray then switched positions and move over to her side. He then repositioned his big dick and began fucking her on her side. She then moved her hand over to her clit and began to gently rub on it. In all of this she looked over to me and asked me to play with her big tits. I happily obliged to lick on her big tits while Ray worked her pussy over from the side. Her moans began to turn back into screams as all of this stimulation was bringing her to a second orgasm. As Ray continued to fuck her he coyly asked “if she liked black dick?” Tammy’s reply was a “YEEEESSSSSS!” Ray then almost pulled all of the way out and told her “If you want this black cock tell me you like big black dick” Tammy then replied “I love your big black dick fuck me now” apparently this is the answer Ray was looking for as he then picked up his pace again. I figured she might be getting sore so I stopped rubbing her breasts and went and got the lubrication. They paused for a minute to relubricate and Ray immediately began fucking her again. I then sat back in the chair and watched Ray continue to fuck Tammy. Minutes later Ray began to say he was about to cum. He asked Tammy where she wanted his cum to which she replied “cum in me baby” Apparently this was all he needed as he started fucking her really hard. Both his and her moans were picking up and the Ray announced he was going to cum Tammy then started to buck her hips as he worked his ebony rod in and out of her pussy. Rays facial expression changed and he began to slow down a bit as he was obviously letting loose his cum into my lovely wife. Tammy then began to have her 3rd orgasm. At this point Tammy and Ray were tired. Ray said he had to get up early so he gave Tammy a goodbye kiss and she thanked him for the fucking and he got ready to leave. I was so worked up I could not resist and I climbed on top of her to fuck her some more. Her pussy was so wet and a bit loose from the fucking she just got. Within minutes I was cumming in her well fucked pussy. Tammy was somewhere between spent and in a pure bliss of ecstasy. As Ray left he came over and gave her a nice passionate good bye kiss. Right as he was about at the door Tammy asked “are you coming back tomorrow?” To which Ray shot back “yes mam”. Then Tammy shocked me a bit as she asked “can you bring a friend?” Ray stopped and though for a minute and replied “if you think you can handle it.” Tammy just nodded her head and Ray left us. Tammy and I were both spent but we decided to take a shower and clean up a bit before we hit the sack. I asked Tammy what she thought to which she said “I do love the big black cock and cannot wait to try some more.” Again my feelings were mixed from turned on to jealous with the turned on side of me winning out.

The next morning we woke up and as we got around I was not sure what to expect. I half expected Tammy to be in regret now that the alcohol wore off and the reality she had just slept with another man kicked in. There was almost an uncomfortable silence for several minutes when I decided to finally break the ice. “You know you invited Ray back for tonight? You must have really enjoyed yourself?” to which Tammy shot back “No I invited Ray back and he is suppose to bring a friend!”. I assumed she would not remember any of that apparently she was not as drunk as I suspected. I went on to ask her if she could handle two big cocks to which she simply gave me a go to hell look with a nod.

After a good breakfast Tammy said she wanted to go find Jane and tell her about last night and go get a massage. I figured this was as good as time as any for me to check out the resort on my own and I did some snorkeling at the beach for a good chunk of the morning. Just before lunch I saw Tammy coming my way on the beach her sexy curves looked damn good and many of the guys were checking her voluptuous body out. Tammy gave me a coy look and asked if I wanted to hear about her massage. Of course I did but I did not want her to know to the level it excited me. She then sat down and grabbed my 4″ cock and began to jerk me off as she told me about her massage. She had requested the same masseuse from the previous day and like yesterday the massage was done in the buff. After he had worked her back and rear over she rolled over to get her front side done. She said as soon as he went to rub her breasts that lust overtook her and she could not resist and she pulled his large black cock to her mouth. This of course inspired the masseuse (I found out later his name was Tony) and he went from rubbing her breasts to licking her pussy. After this point apparently the only thing that was massaged was his big cock and the inside of her hot cunt. By now my little prick was as hard as a rock as she continued to stroke me off right on the beach. I then asked her if he used protection. She gave me a fake smile and said in the heat of the moment she had totally forgot about it and that he ultimately cummed in her little twat. Hearing this was too much and I shot my wad right there on the beach. Surprisingly no one at the beach gave us more than a second look. At the end of Tammy’s tale I reached over and gave her a sloppy kiss and told her that “I loved my new little hotwife”.

Tammy took a nap that afternoon in anticipation for her evening to come. After her nap dinner/party time was approaching rapidly. Tammy had me help get her ready which I loved doing. After washing her hair she helped me pick out some really naughty nighties for her to where that evening. We decided on a pair of black boy shorts and a black bra. After getting dressed in her slut wear (club wear) we headed out to dinner. Over dinner I asked her if she was really ready to try a threesome. With little hesitation she said yes but that if I wanted her to back out she would. I told her to do what she wanted and she thought the idea was hot. After dinner we began drinking and moved over to the club. When we got their Ray was nowhere to be seen. Tammy seemed a bit disappointed but I assured her not to worry. After about 4 drinks Ray strolled into the club in tow was another guy about 6’3″ and quite cut. This must have been the “friend” he brought along. As Ray approached Tammy got up and greeted him with a big hug that turned into an all out mugdown session. The two guys then set on either side of Tammy. Ray introduced his friend as Quinton or Q for short. Tammy was smiling ear to ear and continued to indulge in the cocktails. The three of them decided after a bit of flirting to hit the dance floor. Tammy danced in-between these two hulking guys. Q was behind her and unabashedly had his hands on her breasts as he grinded into her. After a bit of dancing the three of them came back over to the table. By now all of us were a bit hazy with alcohol. Tammy was still between her two studs and they had their hands all over her right there in the club. She certainly did not mind all the attention. Shortly before midnight Tammy said she was “ready to go back to the room”. Her two studs wasted no time in getting up and escorting her to the door.

When we got to the room Tammy was full of laughs and was acting like a real tramp. She kept asking her suitors if they were ready to fuck here tight pussy. No sooner than I had closed the door to the room Tammy dropped to her knees in front of Q and Ray and began to unbutton their pants. While she worked their pants off they helped remove her outfit which was fairly easily done. After revealing Q’s cock her eyes widened. If Ray was 9″ than Q must have been 11″ as she stroked his already hard member she purred “good your cock is awesome”, no sooner than she said this Q grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her on to his dick. She began bobbing to her best ability on Q while jerking off Ray. After several minutes she changed up and sucked on Ray while then jerking Q. After sucking on Ray she then pulled away and looked to me and said “come eat my pussy and get it ready for my two black studs.” I gladly crawled between her legs and licked her already wet cunt as she continued to work her two black studs over. After about five minutes of this she got off her knees and went over and laid on her back on the bed and motioned for her two studs to come over. They got on either side of her and began to caress her body and suck her tits. The scene looked real hot to see two guys with her tits in their mouths at the same time while one of them rubbed her clit and she continued to jerk them off. After several minutes of her body being worshiped she could take it no more and she moaned out “fuck me with your big black cocks.” Ray took the lead and got up and climbed on top of her and began pounding her pussy. Tammy was again in a lustful craze making faces and nearly screaming. All the while she did manage to continue to suck and jerk on Q big cock. Q meanwhile began talking down to her asking “you want this big black dick baby” when she failed to answer he nearly shouted it at her and she replied “yes baby I need your black cock”. Ray fucked her for a bit longer until Q let him know it was his turn. At this point I think Tammy had already cummed once based upon the way she had acted. Q told her to get on her knees as he wanted her doggy style. Just as Q had put the tip of his cock in her he asked her “can your hubby fuck you like this” Tammy gasped “nooo now give that dick already” Q enjoyed teasing her but he was now ready for business at first he was going slow because besides being a bit longer that Ray he was also a bit wider. As he inched his way in Tammy’s hot pussy her mouth was wide open and showing some signs of slight pain. Tammy looked to me and asked me to get the lube. I threw it on the bed next to Q. He pulled out lubed himself and her up and resumed fucking her. Now instead of showing any pain she was just moaning as with each stroke his cock went deeper into her pussy. At first he began fucking her about only half his length but by five minutes into he was bottoming out with each stroke. As Tammy continued to jerk and suck Ray her moans were again picking up and she had clearly had another orgasm. By now both guys were picking up their pace as Ray was holding her head steady while he pumped his dick into her mouth and Q was slamming her pussy like he was drilling for oil. Within in minutes Ray declared he was about to cum and Tammy then began bobbing on his cock like he was about to give her cure to some disease. As he came in her mouth Q was obviously getting close as well as the speed of his fucking picked up Tammy’s cries of pleasure picked up. She then shocked me and said “cum in my pussy baby”. That was about all Q needed to hear as within a minute he was clearly nutting in my sweet wife’s little pussy. At the same time he was cumming it was also clear that Tammy was having what was at least her third orgasm. After everyone had been spent the action died down the guys grabbed another drink and Tammy had me bring her a towel and some water. After giving her a second I went over and kissed her and asked if she liked the sex. Tammy with a big smile on her face could only muster an “oh yea” and she then pulled my face to hers as we kissed again.

Ray and Q were now in the process of getting dressed when Tammy asked “where are you two going?” This seemed to shock everyone in the room but Tammy then said that she had not had a cock in her ass yet and she could use some help. In about two seconds Q and Ray shed what little clothes they had put on. Q came to the bed first and had her get up and straddle his cock. She immediately began bouncing on his half hard cock as she jerked off Ray whom was also half erect. Within minutes both Ray and Q had seemed to regain full form as Tammy was riding her bull Q like it was a sport. She then let go of Rays cock and looked to him and said “fuck my tight ass”. Ray needed little encouragement. He grabbed the lube and rubbed his cock and her ass down well. He positioned himself behind her and she stopped bouncing on Q so Ray could get work his big black dick into her nearly virgin ass. While I had fucked Tammy in the ass many a time she had never had anything in her ass like the size of Ray. At first I was not sure she would be able to do this as she was biting her lip as he slowly worked his cock in her. But after several minutes of real slow strokes Ray was moving in and out and getting pretty deep and her gasp of pain were far less frequent. The sight of the two cocks working Tammy over was too much for me as I had already cum. Q was now picking back up the speed and she was easily working both dicks in her tight little holes. As the pace continued to pick up Q barked at her “is this pussy black owned?” Tammy replied “yes baby this is your pussy” That was about all she needed to hear as Tammy was now basically screaming as she was having what must have been one hell of an orgasm. Ray and Q continued to pound her little holes for a bit longer before they both finally blew their loads into her ass and cunt. At this point I think Tammy had her fill for the evening. She simply lay on the bed clearly awake but with her eyes closed. I offered her water and a towel and helped her regain her composure. After about 5 minutes she was clearly still on a massive sexual high but had rejoined the world of the living. She got up and kissed Ray and Q goodbye and told them any time they wanted a little to let her know.

That day ended up being about par for the week Tammy now had a thirst for big cock especially black cock. After an incredible week of pure lust we returned home to our very conventional lifestyle but now Tammy is always pressing me to get out of town for the weekends and take trips so she can fill her desires of large cock and I am more than happy to accommodate her.

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