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That s it lick it

That’s it lick it. You wouldn’t go out with me at school because you thought a slut like me was beneath you. I’m sorry. Shut up and keep licking. She has looked down on me since I discovered my love for black cock with three well hung guys at her 18th birthday party. Now your poor sex life has given me the chance for revenge. I know I said we would be swapping but I lied. You can lick it but that’s all you’re getting. But that’s not fair. Honey we should stop. No way! Don’t even think it. I need this so bad. Fuck me harder! Show my husband how’s it’s done. I’ve never been fucked like this. Oh shit! Yes! Haha. You better get used to licking. I knew she’d take to fucking around if I could get her started on the right cock. A cock without a condom on it. What?! Honey is that true? Shut up hubby and get back to licking Jill’s pussy. I’m busy. See? You’ve already lost. So you’ve got your revenge? You wish! This is just the start. I’m going to take her out to all my favorite clubs, we’ll go looking for black cock together night after night. I’m going to turn her into a cum craving slut for dark meat. Pretty soon she’ll need it and get it even more than I do. That sounds so good. Come on stud start me off with a big blast of your thick cum. Haha it’s happening even quicker than I thought. I’m going to turn your wife into a jegend in this town. And when she tells you she’s pregnant for the first time I’m going to make sure it’s a little brown bun in her oven. That sounds so awesome. Everyone will know what a total slut I’ve become. And what a cuckolded baby sitter you’ve turned your husband into. Ooooh! Shit! Haha The sad little fuck just came in his pants without even touching himself. Haha that’s brilliant. I love my new life. Come on stud be the first in a very long line of studs to cum in my married pussy!That s it lick it

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4 thoughts on “That s it lick it

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