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6 thoughts on “The best sex

  1. In all fairness, black men should be paid by the
    white women (or their husbands) for all the pleasure
    they bring to the women. That should definately be the
    next step.
    Does everyone agree?

    1. I’m a married white women and I agree with you Melvin. If I am meeting a Black guy at a motel I always pay for the room. My husband and I will buy him dinner too. When Blacks come to our house my husband always thanks them and gives them a few hundred dollars.

      1. Well, I respectfully disagree. it’s okay for a husband to treat the bull to dinner and pay stuff like motel expenses. But more than that is unnecessary. My girlfriends’ bulls were happy enough to fuck them without being paid to do it. Hey they looked so fine the dudes would’ve been trying to pick them up anyway. If anything, my gfs were whores, not the BBCs they screwed

  2. WOW those buck studs are hung i would have to help my wife out and lick some bull ballsack and cock too!! the size of these bulls cocks is why i let my wife fuck bulls my little whiteboi 6 skinny inches looks like a manclit compared to these horse hung black bulls!

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