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11 thoughts on “The decision

  1. This says it all!
    This is why white guys (such as me) don’t get laid.
    How can we comete with these BBCs?
    It’s very kind of many Black Men to share their “gift”
    with white women.
    At least we white guys can look at the photos and videos!

    1. if i was confused as to why the white gals are this site.this most def cleared that up for me..and to b honest i really cant blame her for being so happy..

  2. Give me a black cock anytime, this picture says it all. I don’t know how any white woman can even consider a white cock , when their are such huge black cocks to suck and fuck!!

  3. In all fairness, your not being fair, you are showing extremes. I would love to see my wife fucked by a huge black cock but not all white guys are hung like this pathetic guy. I’m white and i have a cock much larger than him.

  4. lol. I could show you opposite pictures to these. huge white cocks and very small black cocks. This is such a BS.
    Love Interracial, but keep it real please….

  5. This is why as time passes you will see more and more white females blacked for the first time but not the only time. That’s not all we will see changing with time either. The black guys will get more white pussy with less effort and the white boys will be just the opposite, more effort but less pussy.

    Less pussy for the white boys will mean more masturbation for the white dicks driven mainly by the highly addictive thoughts, images, videos and actual sights and sounds of the black man as he continues getting the white pussy.

    It is rather amazing but not surprising at how addicting the black dick really is. Not only for the white females that get it inside them but also for us white boys that watch it and want it inside our women. This will continue to increase, bank on it and prepare for it.

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