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The ‘look’

White women always ask how ‘we’ knew that they were ready to taken and used by a black man. Honestly, I’m not sure but I think it has something to do with a ‘look’ that we can see, an aura almost. Perhaps is a pheremone that they give off. But whatever it is, black men can see it and go straight for the white slut craving a black sexual encounter.

And it is no different in this web site where naked pictures of a willing wife make it pretty clear what she wants, and what she has done with one or many men.

What comes through once you talk with them and draw out their real feelings is that many women are doing this only under pressure from their husband. Either they fear losing him or they are just brow- beaten into it.
But what happens sometimes, and this is the rare jewel, a white woman learns she is not only going through the motions of the sex acts; she now welcomes it with relish. She begins to burn with a fire independent of her husband’s need to see her fucked so he can get itup or jack off.

She comes under the spell of a black man and is forever changedforever changed

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6 thoughts on “The ‘look’

  1. Lyndsey, Ignore the negative comments. Why can’t a classy lady not enjoy a nice black cock. After all it’s only sex and sex is meant to be enjoyed.

  2. Thank you all for your notices of support.
    It`s a shame there are bigoted people who do not understand the beauty of the black guy/white woman scenario. For me it`s the contrast in skin colour and not the size of the cock that matters. I`ve been sleeping with black guys for over 6 years now and I`ve encountered some pretty awesome cocks and i`ve also had some that were fairly small in comparison but sometimes the smaller guys have given me wonderful pleasure aas they really wanted to make love to me.

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