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The Perfect Evening – my sex story

What would the perfect relationship be like? The answer to that question differs greatly between individuals. But for those of us that enjoy sexual sharing without the burden or worry of birth control, the perfect relationship might best be described in terms of the activities that might be enjoyed in one evening by a couple united by love for one another, and love for limitless sexual pleasure. Here would be a perfect evening for me….

As I arrived home, I smiled as I saw the pickup truck sitting in the driveway. I knew that truck well, since it belonged to my best black friend. Thw two of us shared many things together… beer and pool at the local bar, fishing trips, football games. As I walked in the house, I could hear the bed bouncing and moans of pleasures that I knew and recognized as coming from my wife in the throes of a huge orgasm. I wasn’t surprised that she had company, since we had made the decision two months ago that the time had come for another baby. Before heading to the bedroom, I checked on our baby girl who would soon be having her first birthday, and she was snoozing contentedly in her crib. The noise coming from Mom & Dad’s room was nothing new to her, and she now sleeping soundly through the joyful sounds made as we enjoyed pleasure, either together or with others.The Perfect Evening my sex story

The father of our beautiful girl was not really known, and in my eyes, that made her all the more special. She was conceived during a weekend in which my wife accepted seed from seven different men in addition to myself — all after we had confirmed with a test kit that she was ovulating. The first four emptied their balls into her at a gangbang/breeding party that I had arranged on a Friday night as a special present for her. After my wife had teasingly removed the lingerie that we had purhased just for this occasion, each man took his turn between her legs while I held her hand and urged her to open her womb to them. After our guests left, we shared the most beautiful and intense lovemaking possible. The intensity of slipping into your wife, knowing you are pushing cum from other men past her cervix, cannot be described in words. The next night we invited over two couples we had played with before to share dinner and drinks. The highlight of the evening was a fabulous group scene in which I shared pleasure with two lovely ladies while their husbands took turns filling my bride with their seed.

As I slipped into the bedroom I saw the most heavenly vision possible. My wife, the woman I loved more than anything else in the world, was on her back, her legs high in the air, as my best friend frantically pumpped in and out of her. As I walked in, my wife looked up at me and said only three words, “I love you.” As she spoke those words, my friend began grunting and moaning as he emptied his balls deep inside of her. I could see her eyes roll back in her head at the feeling of his seed hitting her cervix, and watched with awe as another tremendous orgasm rolled through her body. The thought struck me that her orgasm was timed perfectly to open her cervix fully at the precise moment when she was flooded with sperm. The fact that she could be getting pregnant as a result of the act of passion and pleasure only made it more wonderful to behold!

As I undressed, I told my friend, “Stay put, let it soak in for a bit.” Laying down next to them, I kissed my wife passionately and said, “Thank you, I so love surprises like this.” She smiled and said, “You know how horny I get when I think I’m ovulating, I just couldn’t wait until you got home!” After the three of us cuddled and laughed together so more, my friend slowly withdrew from her, and said, “Your turn!” Since I was already hard and throbbing, I quickly took my place between her legs, looked deep in her eyes and said, “I love you so much” as I slid her her cum filled pussy. We kissed and gazed into each other’s eyes as our passion built, and my heart leapt with joy as I felt her body shaking with another orgasm – an orgasm that was surely pushing more of my friend’s seed into her womb. Unable to control myself further, I felt my balls tighten as spurt after spurt of sweet cream filled my wife to overflowing. We said nothing to one another, the intensity of our passion having left us mute. The moment seemed to linger forever before my friend gently brought us back to reality by saying, “God, you have no idea how amazing it is to see you two make love.”

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