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The truth must be shared

I’ve run across this graphic which shows a possible reason why so many of our white women are (going black) these days. Women are usually searching for the dominant/more superior male and this is a perfect example!The truth must be shared

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11 thoughts on “The truth must be shared

  1. Can’t argue with Science. This probably also explains why a lot of white MILFs suddenly start getting fat for no apparent culinary reason. It’s a sign they’ve started sucking black cocksand are therefore getting stuffed like geese with mass quantities of BBC cum

    1. Right on! I believe in science too! Like that in “The Bell Curve” written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray!

  2. what are you talking about? the chart is a cartoon. do you need a cartoon to justify your fascination with black cock? are you that weak a white boi?

    just admit that you want to suck a big black cock!

    I have a big cock. And I know why women want mine.

  3. this is pretty funny considering the logic involved and is correct to some extent but is an incomplete and misinforming(most likely by design) assesment. there is also something i wanted to share for the women’s sake. i just wanted to point out that even though men with larger penis’s are able to more easily impregnate a female it also has a drawback of the resulting child to more likely to be a miscarriage or retarded or just generally a less developed child in some fashion (handicap/stupid/mental or physical issues). the sperm race to the womb is essential to weed out the weak sperms

    . it is well known that a large number of sperm’s are defective in some way(2 tails,swimming in circles,heading wrong direction ect ect) especially in smokers and drug/alcohol users. the sperm race to the womb weeds out the defective sperms and allows only those that are worthy(good sperm) to reach the egg. resulting in a much higher chance for a child with no defects. by ejaculating directly into the womb it eliminates the sperm race and allows for instance a 2 tailed sperm to impregnate the egg which will almost assuredly result in a retard child or miscarriage. although this allows a large penis man to have many more children and a higher rate of impregnantion .. unfortunatly it also reduces the chance for exceptional offspring.

    a large penis man can have 10 kids for example and 2-3 will be handicapped 5-6 will be overweight/socially inept idiots and only 2-3 will be normal or exceptional. a small penis man may only have 2-3 kids but all are likely to be exceptional childs. for the sake of the women i recomend all men with penis over 7-8 inches to ejaculate only halfway at most into a female if u plan on breeding to allow the survival of the fittest and worthy sperm race to take place. the best compromise for penis length to have a good chance of fertilization and good chance for exceptional child is actually about 5 inches give or take and inch depending on womb length. which is the average penis length … coincidence? i think not. nature has a way of balancing itself like that.

    although large penis’s may seem attractive on an individual level .. on a social and wide range racial level it shows the disparity amongst diffrent races.

    all races of man are descended from a small group of black people that lived in south africa thousands of years ago (google human genome project) and at that time nature had gifted those men with larger penis due to the fact we were facing extinction and rate of fertility took precedence over quality due to the threat of extinction … eventually we were able to repopulate and migrated into asia and europe. however as our race evolved to the new climates the need for quantity over quality was no longer beneficial but detrimental to evolution of ur race. so as these new people evolved from their black ancestors the need for large penis size was no longer needed and was reduced in size as we took on new traits and evolved to suit our new climates … as evident with asian men having generally smaller penis (yet they have the highest population .. coincidence?)

    the black race has been long known to have larger penis’s … and have also been long known to be socially and intellectually(on a social/civilization level) inferior to all other races .. especially white and asian races. you can say what you want but human history shows the whites completely dominating the black race throughout history and quite easily i might add. most likely due to the large penis black men creating a large amount of socially inept childs.

    in the end you could say your blessing is also a curse. but bearing this in mind as long as you dont ejaculate directly into the womb you will be fine … but your chances of producing exceptional children is no higher than that of a small 4 inch penis asian man. in this regard the large penis is actually a very large drawback in relation to breeding exceptional children … it only increases the rate of fertilization. which is fine if your breeding cows or some shit like that. but not for humans.

    this is mainly an educational post for the women so they actually understand how penis size relates to impregnation and the possible results.

    in conclusion i honestly think the propaganda related to big penis’s belonging to superior men is actually quite contrary to the truth. and is created by rich white men that in reality have owned this entire planet for a long time now and probably are funding all of these cuckold sites … heh. . to misinform and keep the black races and others oppressed on a fundamental and social level.

  4. And of course every black guy has a cock like that size and shoots massive loads. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Maybe then you’ll believe the horseshit that you peddle.

  5. I happen to like kool-aid. Ha ,ha..All I know is that black guys go deeper and I can feel it getting me hot and in the mood to keep screwing real good. Besides, most white women know want some black dick..they just ain’t always up front with it.

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