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Thick black magic stick story

Well my black truck driver friends tries to roll through my town so he can visit and play. He called and so we made plans to hook up depending upon when he rolled through. He called saying it’d be late, so I picked him up about 1am. I’m sleepy and tired but we get home and settle in. As I undress and lay down he too undresses and announces I have free reign.susie story
I start kissing him and working my way down to gobble up his nice black dick. As I start slurping on his meat I feel his hands work their way to my head. He winds his hands in my hair so tight against my scalp and pushes me farther down his cock. I’m deep throating his cock as he pushes on my head I feel my hair pulling from my scalp as I bob up and down on his cock. I move faster and faster to please him as he likes it sucked this ay I am in his control. Finally he allows me to cum up for air as he wraps his fingers inside of me feeling my wet susie. I beg to be allowed to cum and he makes me wait until he whispers for me to cum. He plays w/ my clit and pins my legs until I cum all over his fingers. He wraps his cock and and asks for the lube and he inserts his finger in my ass. Then he starts entering my ass as I lie on my back and my legs are crossed on my chest. I am surprised this is working but he eases his black cock into my tight ass and starts fucking me. He is playing with my nipples as they start leaking milk creating a
puddle of milk. He pumps it in deeper until it is buried in my ass to the hilt. He continues fucking my ass, telling me my ass belongs to him now as he desires. I’m getting more aroused and he starts fingering my clit as he pumps his cock into my ass faster and faster I can barely contain my moans of pleasure. He drives it in deeper and deeper as he shoots his load in my ass.

He continues rubbing my clit until I start to quiver and shake as he has pinned me so I do not wiggle away from him. I beg him to let me cum but he says no I must wait until he decides it’s time for my release. Finally after a long time he allows me to quiver and shake to a multiple orgasm. My legs are shaking and cannot stop as he rubs my clit until I beg him to stop. As he rolls over I must get up to shower. After about 30 min of cuddling and caressing each other he moves my hand to stroke his dick hard. I submit to his will and get his dick hard as he runs his hands over my body making me quiver and shiver in delight.

I am told to wrap his cock and so I do it very slowly b/c I’m not good at this. Then he pulls me onto his dick as he penetrates my Susie I adjust her to accomodate his black dick. I start sliding up and down on his shaft as he starts spanking my ass. I pump his dick harder and harder as my ass gets redder and redder. I feel so excited and turned on my what he is doing. He discovers my bullet hidden under my pillow and applies it to my clit. I’m about to cum as he takes it away and continues w/ my spanking, hat is stinging by this time. Before I know it he slips my bullet in my ass and turns it on high, as I bounce up and down on his shaft. I’ve never experienced this before but am really turned on and excited. He plays w/ the speeds and really excites me getting me wetter and wetter. He orders me onto all fours as he plows his dick into my pussy and my bullet buzzing in my ass. I cannot help but quiver and shake. My moans are louder and louder as I cum closer to orgasming. My ass fels like its on fire and I beg for more spankings to finish us both off. As he drives his cock in me, spanks me and plays w/ my bullet buried in my ass I start begging to cum and cannot control it as I start cumming in an awesome way. The orgasms rolls over me and over me until I collapse as we both cum together exhausted. I felt the sting of my ass for over 2 hrs.

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