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I think hes crazy…

so, I finally confessed to my husband of eight years, that I’ve been having fantasy’s about men that make my kitty pulsate…Particularly, black men.
I find myself in the store, at work, jogging, or driving and when I see a dark, strong physical man…I feel my pulse in my waist. I’m a tiny girl, and my clit just starts to tremble…I feel my panties get wet. I didn’t know what to do, until one day he caught on. He asked why I was soaking wet one night after I came home from girls night. So I admitted, I had danced with a guy and it led into a little touching.. Knowing he wasn’t going to get mad..I explained my fantasy to him, and he asked to hear more. I explained how he grabbed me, and I felt his "member" protruding into my back.. It was huge. I noticed my husband getting horny…so I also informed him that he rubbed me over my panties. He was so horny, he grabbed me and started in on me. I told him that his cock wasn’t filling me right and I wanted to be fucked hard by a strong black cock, and he came instantly. 🙂
About 20 minutes later, The conversation began about how he doesn’t think I’m the type for it and that black guys are not attracted to my type (small girls)
I’d like to know what your opinions are
I think hes crazy...
I think hes crazy...I think hes crazy...I think hes crazy...I think hes crazy...I think hes crazy...I think hes crazy...

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10 thoughts on “I think hes crazy…

  1. The lucky guy in these pics (the author, I’m guessing, despite the expressed POV) isn’t small, certainly above average. But there’s no doubt she can find, attract, and have more in that regard. It’s available to her, if she wants it. Ideally though, it ought to be something you both want her to try.

  2. Yep, your hubby is crazy! Let him leave you with a black cock for any length of time. Come back and see if the dude ‘wanted’ you! Shit, all three holes would be used!

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