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Tied me up and fucked her – interracial sex cuckold stories

Nothing turns me on more than giving up complete control to a fit hung black bull as he ravages my fiancee. Recently my fiancee and I arranged to meet up with a bull we met over the internet while we were on vacation in California. My wife is a little minx, she has a full chest, perky milky tits over a flat tummy. Her main feature though is her full ass, so round and well-shaped that you can’t help but to grab them with your hands or put your cock in between them. She has a big ass for a white girl, which much to her delight attracts a lot of black men.
interracial sex cuckold stories
At the hotel one night, we met up with the bull for a few drinks before the real action begins. Both my fiancee and the bull were dressed to impress. My fiancee in her little black dress showing off her nice round ass and her fuck me heels. The bull was wearing a collared shirt and a tie. He had a shaved head and goatee, my fiancee’s favorite, over six feet tall and built like a tank. We had a few rounds, but we finished those drinks fast. My fiancee was anxious to feel that black meat fill her tight white pussy, and she was grabbing at his crotch under the table with wide delight in her eyes.
interracial sex cuckold stories
My heart beats so fast as as we head up the elevator to the room. The bull towers over my fiancee, which I love. Seeing a built black man next to my petite white fiancee drives me crazy. He is grabbing at her tits as the elevator goes up, with his giant hands feeling up my wife under the dress. I can see the bulge in his pants start to grow and I know my fiancee is going to be in for a fun night.
interracial sex cuckold stories
As soon as we enter the room, my fiancee and bull completely tear into each other, grabbing each other’s parts and the bull pinning my wife against the wall and grinding his giant cock against my fiancee. She reaches up and undoes his tie as I take a seat in the corner. The bull pulls my fiancee’s dress over her leaving her in my favorite undergarments, her pink push-up strapless bra and matching lace thong. Still in her heels, she turns around and rubs her bare ass cheek on the bull’s cock over his pants. She kicks off her heels and looks up to stare her bull in the eyes. He is probably a foot taller than her and the size contrast gets my cock throbbing though my pants.
interracial sex cuckold stories
She takes the bull’s tie and walks over to me. She tells me to undress, which I immediately do. She gives me a little peck on the lips and looks me in the eyes afterwards. I know that look well, a slight grin and wide eyes to indicate her excitement. She knows she is about to have her pussy pounded by a giant black dick, whether I like it or not. Of course I love it so I give her a slight nod to indicate my excitement and she gently grazes my hard little cock as she turns around to fondle her bull. She whispers something to him and he flashes a smile and looks at me. He looks down at my little cock and starts to giggle.
interracial sex cuckold stories
My fiancee gives the tie back to the bull as she makes her way over to the bed. She is fingering her already soaking wet pussy under her thong and pulling out her tits with her other hand. The bull walks over to me and tells me to get up. My cock and heart are pounding as I wonder what he is about to do to me. He gets me up and grabs my hands, tying me up with his tie. He ties my hands over my head and ties them to a hanging light fixture against the wall.

I am now tied up, defenseless, with no control what so ever. I am naked and exposed. A muscular black bull is about the fuck the brains out of my future wife and there is nothing I can do about it.

My wife gets up and starts unzipping the bull’s pants. He is now in his boxer briefs and has an absolute giant bulge underneath them. My fiancee eyes light up as she plays with his giant cock over his boxer briefs. She slides them down and his giant cock pops right up. She immediately sticks that thick black cock in her little white mouth. He must have been at least 9 inches and so thick my wife can’t fit her hands around. She sucks on his dick for at least 20 minutes on her knees. Grabbing it with two hands, slapping it against her face and grabbing his huge balls.

She stands up and undresses. I am tied up, squirming, and excited. I see my naked fiancee, standing and looking up at her lover. He is a tall built and defined black man, with a giant cock that is even bigger than you would imagine this specimen to have.

For the next hour, the bull totally takes advantage of my fiancee as I stand there tied up and defenseless. He fucks her in all possible positions for over an hour. She sits on his cock with her back to me and bends over to kiss him. Her big ass rises up and I can see her white pussy slide up and down his giant black cock. She can’t even get most of it down as she moans and twitches. Every few thrusts she takes his cock all the way down as much as she possibly could as she screams with delight and trembles.

While my fiancee is still on top of him, the bull grabs my wife’s nice round ass and picks her up like nothing. His giant cock is still straight up inside her as he lifts her off her feet and takes her over to the dresser. Without missing a beat, he sits her on the dresser and punishes my fiancee’s pussy with all 9 inches of his cock.

He tosses her around, throws her around the room and bed. He bends her over and fucks her doggy. He even bends her back down and lifts his knees up while in doggy. His hands are on her hips and his giant cock is going straight into my fiancee and I can’t stop it. My wife is screaming obscenities and her eyes closed shut. She starts to go quiet as he is pounding away at my fiancee and I know what’s next. She starts huffing and panting. She is building with excitement as she arches her back. He backs her ass up on that cock as she screams in pleasure. She backs her ass on his giant black dick with each save of orgasm.

She collapses on the bed. in delight. But the bull immediately turns her off and gets on her top of her, putting his cock into her missionary style. He puts her legs on his shoulders and starts absolutely tearing my fiancee’s pussy apart. Just the sound of his balls slapping against her ass would have woken the neighbors, not to mention my wife’s screams of pleasure. He starts to grunt and I know his shooting his black cum deep into my fiancee. My fiancee makes a deep low moan as she feels his hot semen inside her.

After they fucked for over an hour and both had cum hard, the roll over side by side next to each other. They are still touching each other and can’t stop laughing after their intense fucking session. They kiss more and hold each other. All the while I am still tied up, my arms numb after being held up for so long. It is only later after they both dress that they untie me. I thank the bull for his services and he leaves. My fiancee is worn and falls asleep immediately with a wide grin on her face. I go to the bathroom and can’t do anything but jack off.

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21 thoughts on “Tied me up and fucked her – interracial sex cuckold stories

  1. Great stuff. Sounds like a dream scenario for any cuck or cuck wannabe. I especially enjoyed the part about the bull tying up the cuck. I don’t think I’ve heard that done before. Fantastic.

  2. if he was a true cockhold – he lick up the bulls cum – and hope he planted his seed in her pussy – he will be her slave – cleaning her pussy – looking at all the cum – makes me wish i was there…black cocks will rule the world – they are the new master race – fucking our woman – and we can actually enjoy it –

  3. i agree with “white guy said” they may not rule yet but soon (i hope). they rule in my house wife 37 1 black son, 1 18daughter 1 black son, 1 16yr daughter 7 months gone all black bred all at breeding parties where the men were black really deep black12-15 men and none with less than 10″.my 16 yr old was bred by a man (1 of 13) who was over 45 and over 230lb over over 10″ and ugly, that was her requirment to being bred
    my family and i worship (yes worship)blackmen we all LOVE them

  4. Nice storie once women get blacked they only want to have sex with black wife lynn has be dating and enjoying bbc for 28 Years. And she will not stop.her new lover chuck is 45 Yrs old and hung 11 Inches and 6..3 and 2,30 Lbs .

  5. Great photos! I would love to see photos of this beautiful woman with a bg black dick between her legs or ass cheeks!

  6. we have been married for 15 yrs and my wife of 37 has had a bi racial baby and is soon to be expecting another she has had over 20 black lovers and just cant get enough blk cock

  7. I love getting beaten up by my wifes young
    muscular Black lover. Soo strong. I orally
    service him after he beats me as my wife
    watches and laughs at me.

  8. I am a 46 year old married woman who can’t get enough black cock. I have been bred twices and have 2 beautiful black girls from the breeding sessions. One is 4 and the other is 1. I am still breast feeding and the black men I am fucking love it.

    1. if you have not taken it up the ass yet you will be adicted to it. It was forced on me when I was tied up and I could not believe the orgasm I had. It was fantastic.

  9. i too was un-manned by my wifes lover. When i confronted them one day he knocked me out with a single punch. As i was coming round i found him sitting on me laughing while my wife just giggled “he sparked you right out”.
    He then proceeded to strip me naked while my wife watched my complete humiliation at the hands of her lover. He then locked me in the garden shed for an hour while he shagged her.

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