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Total black control

Yes, he really took total control of her. She was almost like a rag doll as he used his strength and weight on her, at different times holding her arms back or pulling her legs back over her head. She didn’t just lie there passively though – she was humping her hips hard into his, her legs bouncing in the air, and holding onto him tightly. Later on, she was totally exhausted but he didn’t let up on her. This whole aspect of it was difficult but hugely erotic to watch. She said later that he was too rough, but she really responded to it at the time.

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11 thoughts on “Total black control

  1. Seeing this brings back good and bad mermories for me. I was in the middle of a similer experance years ago(90’s). When my teen daughter came home from school early and caught me in the middle of this. I can still see her standing there in the door way frozen in place with eyes like saucers. Of coarse he just keep right on pounding me at the time not caring. I know after this she would sneak home early to spy on us and masturebate to it.
    The bad part of this was my husband found out a year later, because I had an arguement with her.
    Nothing like getting forced fucked.


  2. I Remember the 1st time that Black-Seed,& my fertile pussy met,,yea we knew others where Watching,Jacking-off,,Geoff Thank-You,,Tyrone has been Feeding me for years.

  3. My first was at work.We were in the copy room and he just touched my thigh with his bulge.I semi-resisted but as it went on I couldnt.He yanked my pantyhose down and we went at it.I know they had to hear me cause that was by far the biggets and the best ive had.I had to hide my pantyhose when I got home cause they were soaked.Been fucking him for five years and my hubby still doesnt know:)

  4. This reminds of my wife’s first experience with BBC. About five years ago we meet a man in a hotel room. He was tall, muscular & well dressed. Once they started he took control right away. This was a surprise to both of us. My wife is 5’2, 125lbs 36DD naturals & very pretty. He moved her body around like a doll. He seemed to be a pleasure & pain type of guy. Admittedly over 2 hours she had 8 thunderous orgasams. They did about every postion including anal. My wife is submissive & did not complain much verbally. I however could see the fear in her eyes. She looked at me as if to say “Why aren’t you helping me?” I stood there with my cock in my hand frozen in deep arousal. He saved anal for the end, his large black cock deep inside her tight white ass. He made sure her front arms stayed extended fully so she was on all fours. He reached foward with one hand grabbed her hair keeping her beat red face looking straight toward the wall. He then used his free hand to slap her ass. He instructed me to put my cock in her mouth. She later told me couldn`t breath & thats why her face was red.

    My wife now enjoys BBC on a regular basis sometimes 2 at once. But only from nice black guys her treat her right.

    I do find myself looking at the pics & mpegs from time to time to re-live the experience.

  5. The first time I had sex with a black I was 22 and he was 51.Damn but that cock was big and I was on all fours. He rammed it in to the hilt with one thrust and did I scream out .I tried to pull away but he grabbed me around the neck and kept my head pulled back. He kept on pounding at my pussy and I kept screaming for him to stop. He finally shoved my face into the pillow and kept slapping my ass. After what seemed forever he came in me and got dressed and walked out of the hotel room. The rest of the night I rolled into a ball all night with my pussy torn apart.

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