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True interracial sex stories about hottest sister-in-law!

True interracial sex stories from our blog reader Darren

Well back to yesterday. At about noon hour I woke up to releive myself and heard some muffled noises comming from the sapre bedroom. The door was closed, I listened awhile, the eminating cries were obvious so I opened the door slightly to sneak a quick peek! There they were, one bull on his back doing a 69’r with my sister-in-law, the other BBB pounding her sweet honey hole as if it were the first time he ever had a good piece of tail. I watched until the guy on his knees pounding her puppy-dog style blew a load into her that I was beginning to think he’d drown her! He just kept comming and comming! They apparently had gotton some towels earlier as he reached over took a towel from atop of the bed, pulled out of her pussy, wiped it, wrapped the towel around his massive, now almost flacid, big black cock and went to the ensuite.true interracial sex storiestrue interracial sex stories black men fuck white wife
I then got the first ever really good look at my siter-in-laws sweet lovable, spunk dripping, swollen hot cunt! WOW! What a sight. The next thing I heard was the shower going as that BBB took a shower. I was a little nervous at this point that I would be seen, but more nervous that my wife would appear! But that fear disapated as I saw Michelle have a tremendous orgasm, shortly after which he blew a load right down her throat! I could hardly contain my excitement as she swalloed and then licked him clean .. taking almost ten minutes to so. She was driving him nuts! What a scene!!true interracial sex stories fucking honey hole true interracial sex stories hot my wife ass
I then left and went to the kitchen and a short time later the guy that had taken the shower came out, all dressed for a running jog. He said he’d be back in about an hour to 1 1/2 hrs. Shortly therafter I again heard moans and groans commimg from the bedroom. This time the door was open slightly. Michelle had the guy on his back, she was on her knees at the end of the bed between his legs, giving him another blow job! Her pussy looked a little cleaner now as she must have had cleaned up a little. However it still glistened with her sweat and love juices! I accidently bumped the door and made a loud noise but they either never heard it, ignored it, or thought nothing of it, as neither of them took the slighest notice. After several minutes, the sight of that sweet pussy of my sister-in-law just looking as if it were begging to be fucked again took the best of me. I looked toward our bedroom, the door was still closed, my desire to fuck that thing was such that I don’t remember pulling my cock out, but I must have had done so, because the next thing I knew I was balls deep into my sister-in-law pounding it as best I could! And pound it I did! I have 7 1/2″ and she took every decimeter of it. I thought it felt much looser than my wife’s pussy but delicious none the less! I blew a full load deep within her cunt walls and was satisfied. I was satisfied, for now, for two primary reasons. One, I had always wanted to fuck that pussy of hers! Secondly, I now got my revenge for her having had fucked those two BBB’s before I had the chance to do so first! Anyway, neither of them even noticed me. I couldn’t believe it! Michelle didn’t even look around to see who was screwing her!! Can you believe it! She didn’t! Anyway I went back to our own ensuite, took a shower, woke my wife in the process, after which she got up and showered! Opps! The wife is calling for me … gotta go for now! I will do another post and fill you in on the rest! Thanks!!true interracial sex stories gang bang hot scenetrue interracial sex stories fuck in two holesbbc sucking true interracial sex storiesbbb please fuck my white wife true interracial sex stories

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7 thoughts on “True interracial sex stories about hottest sister-in-law!

  1. I’m wondering, is this real? I mean she is playing this role or she is doing this in real..I guess she loves blk cock, coz I’ve seen most of the white chicks goin with blks..:)

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