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Trying to talk my wife!!

Wife is not aware and not into interracial.. What you guys say is she good? should i get her blacked? she is good in bed but not in meeting other people.. Not sure she will go for it.. what you guys say.. help me out here Trying to talk my wifeTrying to talk my wife!!

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7 thoughts on “Trying to talk my wife!!

  1. Mmm I bet she gets juicy. She would look great twisted in a pretzel on my dick.
    Large cocks aren’t all black. Unless you seek black specifically, she might be more receptive to subtle/easier transition until she “gets her feet wet”(lol) so to speak. Mixed interracial here in the middle

  2. Yes I would fuck your wife. u neva know maybe she has got fucked by a black guy and just didn’t tell you. she looks very nice

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