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7 thoughts on “Vacation without you

  1. Looks like it was a great vacation for both mom and her daughter. Hopefully both of those young black bulls bred each of those lucky white ladies all nite and filled them with as much of thier cum as they could produce then the next day switched partners and got fucked hard by that big black cock over and over again until each of thier pussys were raw and they both had the best orgasms of thier lives.

  2. hope mother and daughter got fucked all week by these two giants until they couldn’t walk anymore, they should of taken pictures to bring home and show the husband/ father

  3. Would certainly like to be a fly on the wall watching mommy and daughter getting fucked by these two blacks. Lots of jism would be pumped into their eager vaginas as they moan and wiggle under their toned black bodies. One can only imagine the orgasms that will shoot through their small white bodies as they are impaled on black dick. I can just see the daughter with her mouth wide open, eyes glazed as she turns her head and watches her mommy’s legs wrapped around her black man…as she grunts and screams as his load erupts in her belly. WOW.

  4. The girls invited the two blacks to their hotel room. The daughter switched to the tall, very black Jamacian. She had just turned 18 a week ago and had never been around blacks that much. She had watched interracial porn on the net. They drank some rum and coke and the Jamacians rolled a couple of joints. After an hour the girls were quite high on the drink and reefer.

    The daughter left to go to the ice machine. When she returned, no one was in the living room so she went to her mother’s bedroom. She cracked open the door and saw her mother on her back in the bed with duck tape on her mouth and her arms pinned to the bed. The black Jamacian was pumping hard between her legs as her eyes were big and wide. It was difficult to say it was rape because her mother was not fighting….she was grunting.

    Just as she was about to enter, the other black Jamacian came up from behind and placed his arms around her. “Don’t worry about your mother…she will be just fine,” he said. With that he led her to her bedroom and removed his bathing suit. His big black cock sprang out and the daughter gasped at his body and the size of the cock.

    He layed her down on the bed and removed her swimsuit. She offered no resistance. After cuddling and kising her…his fingers found her wet vagina and began stroking her. He then pulled her legs up and his black cock found her entrance. “Please put on a condom,” she pleaded. He did’nt have one and proceeded to press his black meat into her. She winced from the pain but as he began fucking her, pleasure replace the pain. He pressed his muscle toned black body against her as her eyes became teary and her mouth open with groans coming out.

    She was not on the pill but the daughter would not let that interfere with the sexual pleasure she was feeling being impaled on a big black stiff cock. Her legs wrapped around his buttocks arms held his back as the black demon began spewing his nigger cum into her belly. She could feel the rush of black jism pouring into her and a huge orgasm shot through her young body. He kept pumping.

    Her mother stood in the doorway watching her daughter being bred by this big black stud. She had just had the fuck of her life and was pleased to see her daughter have the same. This would occur again in the early morning and mother and daughter would soon be slaves to black cock. The were both fucked silly for the next three days left. The daughter would return again after a month and her black stud would be there to welcome her…along with two other very black Jamacians. She remained on the island for quite some time.

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