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Values time in Detroit

Hello folks I’ve recently spent some time in Detroit getting in touch with some REAL family values such as the man’s needs of good sex and the white woman’s duty to fulfill the black men’s sexual needs. I was very happy to be there and fulfill my duties as a white woman and I hope that all you ladies out there will be vigilant and embrace our duties as white womenValues time in Detroit

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8 thoughts on “Values time in Detroit

  1. It’s a nice drawing depicting the white woman’s
    duty and obligation to fullfil the sexual desires
    and needs of the superior Black Man – but where
    are the actual photos to prove that you actually did
    what you said that you did??
    We’d like to see proof that you fullfilled your obligation
    and responsibility (as a white woman) to the Black Man.

  2. I honestly Love these HOT naughty picture’s,,why can’t,,that Superior Black Seed,,inseminate Alot more white ho’s PLEASE,,just because we act uncomfortable,,its just a ”Turn on”,,We all need Filled up.

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