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Walk in the park – sex story

Your wife talks you into going for a walk with her, she has been walking from months now and she finally got you to go walking with her. She suggest that you start out small and hit the local park trail for a nice lite walk. At first you are like whatever, but when you get to the park, you notice that some parts of this trail are some what secluded.walk in the park sex storyAfter you two reach the end of the trail, you suggest a break to your wife and she agrees. You walk over to a bench and you are really wanting to get a feel for if anyone else is on the same trail. After a few minutes , you notice that no one else has come down the trail. You start kissing your wife and making out pretty heavy. At first she is a little nervous about it, but she starts to open up to the idea. You now have her shorts down and you are kneeling in front of her, and someone comes walking up the trail.
You jump up, but she is unable to pull her shorts up before the person approaches. You are red in the face and your wife is as well, the gentleman approaches and he says it’s okay I have been watching you for about tem minutes now. Now your wife is really embarrassed, but the gentleman tells her oh no please do not be embarrassed. I noticed that your husband was doing a very good job, and I was wanting to know if I could continue to watch you? You are shocked, but very interested and you now attempt to convince your wife to
continue. The gentleman then unzipps his pants and pulls out this huge black cock, your wife looks over at him and tells him nice cock ! You are shocked that your wife would say something like that to a stranger. She then suggest that he fucks her as you watch him. You agree and now you are standing out in the woods with
your cock in your hand as this guy pounds the hell out of your wife. He cums in your wifes pussy and when he pulls out, he tells you that you are lucky and thanks you for allowing him to fuck your wife. As you walk back to the car, you notice that your wife is smiling and she appears to be happy. About a month later your wife is out on a walk, and you know she is at the park, so you want to surprise her and walk with her. You arrive at the park and you hit the trail, after about five mintues you notice that you have yet to see your wife. You get to the end of the trail and you still have not seen her, you hear something coming from the benches so you walk over and you see your wife with the same guy, but this time they are reall going at it and you wife is all sweaty and she is moaning like never before.

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