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Want my gf blacked..have idea to make it happen

Ok, so ive wanted my gf fucked by a bbc for quite a while now. However, i Dont know how to bring it up or get her to want it..she acts like shes not interested in watching interracial porn and does not admit to liking black guys. I really Dont know if she interested or not. I had an idea a while bak to send her an email acting like a penis enlargement site with the headline "get her back once she goes black and in it i put many pictures of white girls with bbc. However u could not see the full headline wen she went to check her email so she never seen it. :(..i now have another idea! I want to black men to message her on Facebook with pics of Ur bbc so she can see the big beautiful black cocks and hopefully get turned on and get it in her head how big nd great bbc is nd hopefully make bbc her fantasy. I wont give her name here cuz i Dont want her flooded nd make her suspicious..if Ur interested in helping me get her black email me at getbigin30 at (the penis enlargement site i pretended to be)please show pics of Ur cock .thats how ill make my decision of who gets to help me with this..if i choose u ill give u her Facebook to message her..she is 20 y.o. With double dds n thick white ass wit tight a pic for uWant my gf blackedwant my gf blacked..have idea to make it happen

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8 thoughts on “Want my gf blacked..have idea to make it happen

  1. Dude your lady is smoking HOT and extremely pleasing to look at. I would love to bang her back out make her cum, moan and scream. I got a Rock Hard 10 inch long and 7 inch Thick BBC with stamina to PUNISH her pussy quite well.. Send me a picture of your girlfriends ” thick white ass “

  2. Dude, I’ll tell you how it went down for my girlfriend. I put the thing in a wider erotic context. I gave her “Emmanuelle” to read and let her draw her own conclusions. That really turned her on, and she upped her sexual adventures. It wasn’t long before a black guy came on to her, and she loved the BBC experience he put to her. The bull then broadened her involvement in IR sex by introducing her to a black female friend of his, and that woman soon had my GF eating her pussy. So this goes to show that a black cock doesn’t necessarily make the white girl a slave to only that. She can enjoy other, additional sex thrills just as well later.

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