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Watching my wife get what she wants

It looks like every one is getting what they want…white wife getting filled by a superior black cock… bull planting his sperm deep into another white wife…white hubby (by the looks of him) experiencing the ultimate…watching his wife accepting a bbc bareback into her white pussy….Watching my wife get what she wants

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80 thoughts on “Watching my wife get what she wants

    1. my man and i enjoy getting together with black men and letting them fuck me as i get fucked by my man im 5ft 4 inchs tall raven hair very short and weigh 115 milky white skin sweet ass and pussy and im horney all the time for black or white cocks but tonight im here taking cock in my pussy from my man and flirting on this site getting ready to go meet some black boys whith rock and smoke and get fucked im already high and so wet

      1. ROY here, how do I get wife into this, wife & I have talks about this on a joke side, she like watch INTERRACIAL videos, she allway let me know how big he his, she tell me that I aim small compare 2 the BBC, he is twice as long & 4-5 time big around, I have ask her if she want one, she came back with a big yes, I said WOW, I bet u do, she came back at me & said u can watch & videos it, now on my b-half I think she will, I like a see it 2,i fantasize about this a lot, had one DREAM about this ,she was get gangbang by a lots of BBC, I cum all over my self that night, ==== so u got any help for me

      2. I love wearing my wife’s silk button up blouses and getting together with black men and and sucking their cocks black cock make me and my wife horny

    2. Nothing better than watching your wife get laid. Watched mine several times. She even got pregnant once. Now that was a turn on.

  1. I’m so jealous of that white hubby right now. I’d love to see my sexy wife, laying on our marital bed getting her pussy stuffed by a huge black cock and filled with his seed! I’d even clean them both up if they told me to!

  2. A white woman needing a black dick is a natural thing. When they can have that, why would they want anything to do with our little white dicks. We’re only good to serve.

  3. There was no bigger thrill in my life watching my black coworkers fucking the hell out of my wife in our bed.
    Most of the time I would have them stop by my home to pick me up for work making sure they have time with my wife before going to work.

    After supper we would hit the bookstores and adualt theater so that my wife could have an enjoyable evening of course I enjoyed watching the action.

    1. I agree with you. there is no greater thrill than watching my beautiul big titted wife getting screwed by and stretched out by a huge black cock. I love to fuch her afterward using his gooey cum as my lubricant

    2. you lucky bastards who get your wives to do a black show for you! I had a girlfriend that did that twice for me and it was the most erotic time I ever had. She didn’t like it much, but it was a ball draining experience for me. If all you white chicks out there are really doing all the black fucking you say, then why don’t you post it for us deprived guys out here?

      1. I’m a white wife and I’m 5ft1in tall. I’m 104 lbs. I have a friend of my husbands named josh that I call and tell. I need a hotel room and your big black cock on my mouth. I knew he had a big cock already I’ve been friends with his wife for a few years now. She’s a fat ass ho and I’m sexy so I start messing with her man!!!! Josh has stretched my little pussy and asshole to no return. Josh has a 13 inch cock and the new friend that josh has to fuck me with has a 15 inch cock. Those black men have truly hurt my ass and pussy. They wrecked my shit. I’m pregnant by two months And my hubby hasn’t figured out my fucked up big ass pussy. No whites anymore

  4. Hubby jacks off, when that Superior Black-Seed,& my sweet tight pussy,Ovulating now thats HOT. I’d love to get caught.

    1. Wow what a hot scene, would love to see a video if one exists. Check out the hubbys tight butt cheeks! He is ready to blow a load…… I know I would be.

    1. KIM here,, my HUBBY watch me do this, he jack off by watch, it take him over ten years 2 talks me into this, HUBBY put & ad. out on me, got flood by e-mail, I did pick one out, a very large guy, 6’7″ over 300 lbs, HUBBY 5’9″ & 155 lbs, the size of this man dick was at less twice as long ^ 4-5 big around, HUBBY videos this , he put in 2–3 incher, I never been lay open like this before, don’t know how 2 said this, it was kill me but was love it, he stay from Friday nite 2 sunday nite, don’t think I was take 5–6 incher of him, but he was back the next weekend & next & next,with in 6-8 weekend I did take it all,

  5. I Truely believe that once that Superior Black-Seed gets deposited into that ”Sweet Fertile-Pussy”,,the Complaining will Stop & the BRAGGING Begins. YES My pussy is Soaked.

  6. Another look at the future. The black man getting the white pussy and the whitebois beating off thinking about it or watching it happen.

  7. It was just too good to be true when I first watched my wife being fucked by a really thick black cock pumping her full of his sperm. Now its a regular thing – me watching black cocks fuck my wife – I luv it

    1. At least 3 times a week I get to Watch my wife’s bull pounding his thick black meat into her pick pussy until she begs him to shoot his load into her. The she lays back and for the next hour. blob by blob the cum drips from her sweet pussy.

  8. Yeah black cocks deserve all the white pussy they can get and white cunts (married ones) deserve to be fucked hard and deep by black cocks depositing their seed into married white wombs as often as possible. I go crazy watching black men fuck my wife while she simply loves it.

  9. Let me know how you guys got your wives to go for bbc, check out my wifes photos under my username qqf20c/hotwife, please comment,thanks qqf20c.

  10. Neat, ever since I had my first experience growing up with the black man that ran the candy store in my early teen years I have had many children.

  11. my 21 year old extreemly hot looking bride wanted and got a black guy with very big cock for our wedding night to fuck her first to let me know what marriage will be from the start, he laid on his back,huge black cock straight up, my wife straddeld over him, still in her white wedding dress, high heels, her cunt already soakt and told me “open my cunt and put that beautiful cock in your wifes cunt, and tell him to please fuck my bride hard” I never saw anything this horny and i did cum without even touching myself, 18 years later we still do BBC are made to fuck married white hot wifes

  12. Im an older woman and was recently married for my second time. I was brought up were a female wouldn’t dare do this. My first husband was abuseive to me and often cheated on me. As for me I better not even thing of cheating if I knew what was good for me. Somehow this marriage lasted for 15 years. I have since met and married this other guy and I couldn’t believe what he wanted on our wedding night. After a small wedding Hubby and I went bar hopping and we found this guy and hubby brought him back with us to our motel and some 8 hours after I took my wedding vows, I am having sex with this total stranger a well hung Black man and my husband insisted that he go bare back with me. I have never had such a rerwarding time in my life and I love my husband for giving me this chance to experience this even at my age of 50.

    1. Joan, Its kind of funny but I married an older girl too and her name was Joan. She too had been married before to a guy who treated her like crap. I have always been the type who was never jealious if the woman I was with was a flirt and a tease so you can expect I never had a problem with a woman who fooled around. When I married her and started to talk to her about having some fun she too thought I was Nutts or maybe was sorry I married her and was looking for a way to get rid of her. It took me a good 6 months of marriage to talk her into going out. We have been married 6 years now and she has entertained some 20 different guys. As for me I always kind of liked having variety in our family. With my first wife I got her going out to see other guys and I didn’t mind at all when one of them got her pregnant. She had the baby and I excepted it as my own and supported it and gave her my name. When it happened a second time, this time with a Black guy she went behind my back and got an abortion. She wouldn’t be able to handle the fact or be able to face her family with them knowing she was having sex with outhers and especially a Black guy. As for us it was the beginning of the end for us and we divorced about a year later. I would of also welcomed the baby even if by a Black guy. She was more worried about what her family would think than what was okay for us.

    2. Well shit if u still wana have more chocolate I don’t mind…I love older sexy white females and the hubby that wud allow me to sex her….so if u ever around laurel ms or want to meet I am willing….:) hit me up

  13. I was shocked when my attractive 57y.o. wife confessed that she had recently had sex with a teenaged black lad, but after 35 yrs of marriage I decided that I didn’t want to divorce her. Over the following months she started to confess that she was still having sex with him telling me that he was much bigger than me “where it matters”. It was almost 2 years later when, one day, I caught them in bed together my wife encouraged me to watch as he satisfied her in front of me, later telling me he had a “full 9 inches” for her, and that she enjoyed having every thick inch of him inside her. Since then I have regularly watched him fucking her and cum’ing inside my wife as she orgasms. She always tells me “black is best” for a woman.

    1. hi phil you shure are lucky to have a wife like that. i sure would love to see my wife do that. i told her how i would like to see her suck a big blackk cock. i even told her once you go black you wont go back.just love the thought of her getting fucked by another guy while i watch then i get to go down and lick her pussy clean.

  14. I love teasen my husband while im sucken a black man into cum in my mouth just kissen the tip of his cock watch my husband pants getting wet and he not even playing with.and then I take him down my throat and fill the cum running down with a little leaken out the side of my mouth, hubby know I like black cock.

  15. I know this white couple and I have been lucky enough to fuck this hotwife a few times, Very cool people and VERY sexy wife. Her pussy is one of the sweetest I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

  16. My husband really loves doing this…and I love to be watched while a Black man is giving me what my no longer can (he has erection problems). LOVE being seduced, undressed and MORE, in front of my husband!

  17. My wife and I have fucked to and masturbated to the idea of her getting stuffed by black dick (s). How and where can we get in touch with a clean black fellow to help fulfill both of our desires? She’s in her mid 30’s and a serious MILF.

  18. well it seems that I am not the only husband in the world that is controlled by their wife I am now 66 years old and my wife has been sleeping with black guys for over 30 years it started when I was in the sevice and gone for two weeks found out a couple of years later when I caught her in our bed with a black guy she was 22 the first time this has never bothered me I just always told her it was her body enjoy. Of course when we decided to have kids she would not sleep with ablack guy until she was pregant then back at it. many a weekend morning I have served breakfast to her and a lover in bed yep you got it I would sleep on the couch or take the kids out when she had someone comming over or her lover would wait till the kids were asleep only a few times did she have sex with more than 1 guy at a time and only once that I know of she had three guys stay all night and take turns, without the help from these guys our marriage would have never worked she was and is horny all the time but best of luck to you all make sure you both can handle it before you start.

    1. I am 77 now, my wife passed away in February of 08. We were in an open marriage from day one I knew they were going to be other men in our bed throughout our marriage which I totally enjoyed. If I didn’t I would never marry this woman because she was a mild nympho maniac had to have a man in her all the time. She turned out to be an excellent housewife a great financial manager plus a good nympho maniac that loves to fuck all the time.

  19. There’s nothing like watching your wife as a huge black cock slides into her white body, then you see those gorgeous white legs that are so used to being wrapped around you, are now wrapped urgently around the black body of the man who has taken your place.
    Then as the fucking becomes more desperate you hear your white wife calling her black lovers name and suddenly they are both cumming , you see the black man between your wifes creamy white legs pumping his cum onto her white body and at that same moment you slump to you knees infront of them with your own cum gushing out of your white cock, but the black cock has triumphed as its cum now soakes the insides of your white wifes pussy and she has came more powerfully, on the dark black cock of this black man than she ever has with you.

  20. I have been married to my wife for 25 yrs just recently she told me about her fantasy of wanting to be fucked by more then one guy, she said she wants them to be white or hispanic. I have not told her yet but my fantasy for years has been to watch 4 or 5 black men with big thick cocks at least 10″ gangrape her and treat her like a dirty little white slut. I want them to fuck ever hole her mouth, pussy ass and i want them all to cum in or on her pussy then i want to go to my knees and suck her pussy clean, any ideas on how i can get her to agree to doing this

    1. hi you sound just like me i would love to watch my wife do that to. when we have sex i like going down and licking her clean. i just like the taste of a cum filled pussy some thing about it just turns me on. i often tell her how i would like for some one to be fucking her doggy style and then she tell me to get under her to watch and lick her pussy while that cock is sliding in and out. then after he unloads to lick her clean.

  21. My wife and I are in our late fifties ,she is a very attractive and sexy blonde who has always had the ability to unknowingly attract the attention of younger men and also black men. I am sure being a blonde and having had breast implants has alot to do with that. She is a realtor and receives many emails from men hitting on her and wanting to fuck her. After seeing some of these emails as well as guys checking her out in public ,I asked her if she enjoyed the attention . At first she said of course not but as we talked about it more especially while in bed and having sex ,I got her to admit she did enjoy the attention other men paid toward her and admitted other men had asked her to fuck. I told her I knew other men would love to fuck her if they could and she asked me if that bothered me and I said no ,and that it actually turned me on that other men wanted her. She then asked me if I wanted to watch her with another man and I said yes. She then admitted to me she fantasized about being with a younger hung black man and after a few months I posted an ad seeking a young BBC for her ,which we got numerous replies and one young guy stood out above the others . I arranged for a meeting with him at a hotel and surprised her with the meeting . After her initial shock and extreme nervousness and getting passed that after talking with the young man and having a few drinks and relaxing she began warming up to him and I told her he was here to fulfill her fantasy which also happened to be mine ,that she would fuck a bbc . The young man and I sat on either side of her on the bed <I began kissing her and rubbing my hand over her chest as he rubbed his hand up and down her leg . I opened her blouse while still kissing her and then he started raising her skirt and she began to succumb and enjoy the attention and I then began to back out and let the young man begin to take over and kiss her while fondling her more and more and I whispered to her (his name) wants to fuck you and she said to me I want him to fuck me too. It naturally unfolded and I watched as he disrobed her and then penetrated her with his very large cock and fucked her to the point where she came multiple times and as she totally gave herself up to him and totally enjoyed him fucking her. It was a great time for all of us and we intend to do it again very soon.

  22. about a year and a half ago i had my black friend from grade school move in with my wife and i after seeing him burry his 13.5″ black monster in both of her holes weekly for 5 or so months.. now he plows her stretched out holes 2 and more times every day.. i enjoy watching her take his huge cock so easy.. my wife is 23 5’4′ tall and 110 punds..most of the time i come home to walk in on them banging most of the time when im there with them im right up close watching her get plowed by him..i cant count how many times ive seen his huge loads running out of one of her stretched out im typing this im watching my wife suck on his black monster..

  23. There’s no better thrill than watching my Asian wife being fucked by black men. The only thing better is the reward I get when they fill her pussy with their sweet protein-filled cum and I like their cocks clean and suck it a little to ensure I get it all and then go down on my wife’s sweet pussy and lick up every last drop of their cum mixed with her sweet juices. Her orgasms are much more intense fucking black guys then with me even though I satisfy her. I just love the taste of cum (including my own) that I would consider it bad of us to waste one drop of their cum. She loves to suck their cocks too and swallows their loads but never swallowed mine. Some times I do get jealous but then I reflect on how lucky I am to have such a loving wife. I’m trying to talk her into getting pregnant with black men but no success to date. Will keep trying. Oh, by the way, I still have the taste lingering in my mouth from eating two huge loads twin black young men gave to her (us). If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what your missing.

  24. Thank you for posting my reply. When I showed my wife what I wrote for everyone to read, she was tickled pink. Here all this time she thought I wasn’t serious. She asked me why I wanted her to have a black baby, I told her that it would be so cool and it would be a way for all our friends and family to know our life style. Starting today, she is going off the pill so if all goes well, we’ll have our first (of many, I hope) black baby. I’m also hopeing that since both sides of our family had twins that maybe the first pregnancy will give us twins also. It’d be so fantastic if we’d have one white and one black baby (one each sex). She also told me that she was planning a “big” surprise for me this weekend. Can’t wait. Again, thank you for posting my reply. You made my day.

  25. My white wife has a Black Boyfriend, and I watch them fucking bareback together, at least three times a week. This Blackman also owns my wife’s, white pussyhole now, and I am cut-off from my wife’s pussy!!!

  26. My wife has been ravaged by black men and she absolutely loves it. We’ve done this for close to five years now and fortunately she has two kids from black men and is hard at work on her third one. She says she wants to push out at least five black babies. I’m okay with that. It just seems natural that a black man’s cock should be inside a white womens pussy. We both love it.

  27. Three years ago my then 58 year old wife and I met up with a black guy that I had contacted online. I took him up to the hotel room where my wife was waiting and introduced to him. I was most surprised that my shy prim and proper wife very quickly took to the guy. Within minutes of being introduced they were both naked on the bed with him lapping at her pussy untill she had a huge orgasm. She then started sucking his cock which just grew and grew untill it was at least twice as thick as mine.After about ten minutes of this he mounted her and started to really pound her. As he did so she was almost screaming and swearing begging him to fuck her more. Eventually he shot his load deep inside her and they just lay there kissing and whispering. At this stage my wife asked me to leave and not to return untill she phoned. I left and hung around the Hotel reception for nearly two hours. Eventually my phone rang and she told me I could return. As I walked along the corridor I met the Black guy on his way out, he nodded and smirked as he passed me. On entering the room I found my wife on the bed , legs apart and her pussy gaping open with huge blobs of cum leaking out. I found this to be most erotic.

  28. i have a young, black co-worker that takes me out to lunch every day and pounds my pussy for the entire hour. sometimes my husband watches

  29. Hey this is LORI just stopping by my husband found my black lover from my past on facebook and saw he was a friend on my page allready. I was surprized when mentioned if i should take him off my page my husband said no, for he is part of who i am. For the years that we were together should not be left behind. Yes i think about him and his black cock and how it felt in very very white pussy. So i’am going to keep him and yes i’am going have his black cock back in my very very white pussy. (ok his black cock has already been back in my very very white pussy) and it will stay along with my husband white cock….they are both very long and thick very pleasing to me and my white pussy. LORI

  30. my husband knows when i have an urge for black men he searches for them and leaves our home for 2 days so i can have some real pleasure

  31. Sorry I haven’t written sooner but the wife and I have been really busy. Her tiny belly is now bloated. She is six months pregnant with black twins (boy & girl). We are so happy. Not only is my wife addicted to black cocks but I am also. She loves watching me taking them up my not so virgin ass and squeezing every last drop of cum from their balls. I’m also addicted to it. Can’t wait til I get my birthday present (wife agreed to let me go in for implants to enlarge my tiny b-cup boobs). My wife is already planning for her next pregnancy, but she may change her mind after delivery. Heard its painful especially for smaller women. I will be videotaping the delivery so our friends can see why we’ve been so happy these past few months. Love and kisses from us both.

  32. im trying to get my wife to do a interracial 3 some some she is thinking real hard about doing it the way i talked her into it was bringing home black dildos and black vibrators and playing with them on and in her and she started liking the contrast against her skin

  33. If any couples out there are thinking of having a threesome with a black guy, do it. There’s nothing hornier than watching and encouraging your wife to take a load of black cum up inside her. My wife has a couple black men who keep her serviced and it’s so erotic watching them shot their load inside her. There’s an old man lives next door to us and she lets him fuck her when he needs relief. he’s a right dirty old man and has been arrested and fined for committing
    indecent sex acts in public toilets but the wife likes to spread her legs for him, she says it really turns her on allowing a pervert to use her.

    1. The pervert will behave if she lets him fuck her when he is horny. Black men will not mind as long as she is available for them too. hubby coms last if ever.

  34. For all you wonderful people out there, I just wanted to let you know that I am the happiest man in the world. Not only is my Chinese wife carrying twin black babies (going on 7 months now) but I went in on the 8th of April and received my birthday present (a gorgeous set of DD saline implants). The surgeon had no problem since my b-cups were hanging and had plenty of skin to insert the larger set of implants. The pain I was expecting isn’t pain at all as I am so happy now with my new rack. Although I haven’t been out much since; taking it easy (doctor’s orders) I get compliments from all our friends. My wife can’t wait to get her’s too after delivery of the twins. My only regret is that I didn”t get them long ago. I’d recommend to all the guys who love sharing their wives with black men to get a set of their own. Will let you know how things go.

    Love & Kisses

  35. Just wanted to write and let you know how much fun my wife and I have been having. We’ve both been sucking and fucking up a storm and with my gorgeous chest, black men appreciate me more. They have alot more to hang onto while they ride my ass and fill it with their fertile seed. Afterwards, I love getting atop my wife as she’s being fucked and letting it drip down on her big belly so that I can lick it all up. If you asked me several years back that a white couple could become so addicted to black cocks, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now all I can say is that the more we get the more we want (need). My wife loves my tits so much she assured me that after the twins are born and she recuperates that she will go in for her implants too. I think she regrets now that she didn’t get them done before getting pregnant. Oh, by the way, I’ve added alot of new clothing to my inventory. I now almost all the time dress in female clothing. I love the feel of silks, nylons and satins against my hairless skin. I’ve even been discussing with my lovely wife the possibility of my getting a sex change operation. Many of our black lovers would love me too. Any readers had it done? That is a big leap of faith although in the past year or so I’ve been living the life of a female, especially sexually. We have a new roommate now who is one of the largest contributors to my thirst desires and has a never ending supply of creamy rich protein shakes. Can’t wait to feel his cock in my ass and suck him off. I just can’t get enough. Its the kind of addiction that all couples should have.

    Love and kisses from us both.

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  37. my wife got turned on when we were fucking by asking her if she wanted to try a black cock.she juiced up just talking about it.any way i got a black friend to stop over one sat night.then when she smoked some weed and drank a little,i started to rub her thigh she was waring a dress so it slid up so he could see her beautiful ass.they were both smiling so i went to the bathroom and waited 20 min or so and when i came back she was almost naked.i watched as she gave into him and lay back and spread for him..then i saw his huge cock at least 10 in or he started to enter her pussy she started to moan and took his cock all in.she had never been fucked so deep before.then as i watched she had the first squirting orgasm of her life.i was so hard i cum in my hand .it was beautiful to see.then he left i felt her pussy it was soaked with there cum.then i cum in her was the best sex we ever we do it once a month.

  38. I have personally enjoyed this hotwife several times. She and her husband are very cool people and I personally feel lucky to have been able to stretch her pussy. -Brute

  39. I know this hotwife. Her name is Melissa and her husband likes to share her. Luckily for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed that white pussy three times.

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