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That husband of mine did it again, he got involved in a high stakes poker game with his friend skunk and didn’t know when to quit. when the game was finally over my husband couldn’t pay up, so skunk hands him the phone and tells him to call me and that he will cancel his debt if i agree to be his bitch for a few days. of course i have to agree to it to get that worthless husband of mine out of trouble.
as soon as i am in the door i am told to get on my knees, skunk drops his pants and sticks that black cock in my face, and i about fell over. his cock is fucking huge..!!! skunk grabs me by the hair and starts fucking my mouth, this is one debt that i wont mind paying off in the least. my panties started getting soaking wet as soon as i got my mouth around that big black cock and started thinking about what he was going to be doing to me with it over the next few days.
i happily sucked his cock as i was told until skunk decided he wanted to fuck my pussy. he laid me over the poker table and slowly shoved his cock in my wet pussy. god did it ever feel good..!! this guys cock was fucking massive and it was really filling me to the max as he fucked me. he started fucking me really hard and i went wild knocking chips all over the place. just when i thought i couldn’t take anymore he shot his hot creamy cum deep inside my pussy and i about passed out from the feeling. as i laid there spread across the table with a big black cock stuck in my pussy i knew it was going to be great paying this debt off over the next few days. skunk finally pulls out of my swollen pussy and the size of the cum load that started running out of my pussy was unreal…!!!

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