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12 thoughts on “What do you think of my girlfriend?

  1. i was the same way and my husband introduced me to it and i love it NOW. as crazy as it sounds its like a social network of fun. i love my husband dearly but the sexual part is like a friendship. i have three black lovers and my hubby. i only play when he is present and its alot of fun. if your bond is tight with your hubby or boyfriend thier should be no problems. so honey do it youll have fun. But becarful. my hubby would take for every to cum but now that i fuck black men he comes quick.

  2. HOUSEWIFE,we are 100% agree with you,I am always present to,after all we do this to turn each other on,I cum quick to when I watch my wife fucks and get fuckt and becomes and enjoys beeing a filthy whore,love it.
    BRIAN,its easy if your wife already is curious about having black cock,like most woman in the beginning she is problely hesitant to become a so called whore,but tell her to do it for you,makes her more comforteble,after all she did it only for you(lol)so she keeps her self exteem,you did it,you made her a whore,she only went along with it because she loves you,you get my drift,belive me the first time you watch black cock penetrate your wifes hot pussy you just like me will explode instandly,good luck,
    by the way,your wife looks young and beautiful as far I can see,black big cocked guys will have a ball fucking her and so will the both of you.
    TOMO,loving it for more then 18 years

  3. Brings back memories for me, remember when I first saw the same thing. I couldn’t look away even though i wanted to. But mine was live, spyed on my mom.
    It starts to enter the mind, you fight it at first, but slowly but surely it takes you over and you lose youself to it.
    Any one else have the same mind bending experaince.


  4. WOW…this actually looks for real. Most girls don’t want there faces shown(family/work/friends).
    I wish who ever owns this site screens these a little, so as to keep out the obvious fake stuff(guys with hookers).
    The real thing no matter how little is shown is so much better.

  5. my experiance with my wife was similar , we have spoken quite alot about fucking another cock , so ive slowly introduced blk on white porn and she loves to watch it , getting really wet and hot . i ask her if she would fuck blk cock and she says yes , but one step at a time because all this cock on dvd has made her fuck a white guy with a huge cock for the last month . its the first time somone else has fucked her for 20yrs and like others she is now hooked on huge cock and has told me she cant stop . its like a drug when she cant have it she is moody , but once she has had some seed pumped deep in her pussy she is really happy ! like jen said it entered her mind and planted the seed to feel somthing huge between her legs and now she is a new slut wife , im very proud of her , i just want her to experiance the power of a blk cock now

  6. i feel you should make the nexted move and found a bbc and let him train you up you have a hot sexy body and just what i am looking for andy.x 5ft 10inches tall

  7. Dude, I don’t know what original advice I could give you other than this. Fly her to Lagos or Abuja in Nigeria and park her in a good whorehouse. Then pick her up a year later. You’ll have the girl of your dreams. Guaranteed.

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