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What her to be like me

This is my college roommate, fresh from the farm country. She’e a freshmen and I trying to trick her into getting fucked by a black cock. I thought maybe bring her to house party, get her a little drunk, then have her get grinded while freak dancing. I’ll make sure she wears a short skirt. She’s a little nieve.
Any ideas.

white girl loves blacks

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2 thoughts on “What her to be like me

  1. Not sure you would have to trick her into trying some BBC. I find college girls adventures and like to flirt, and willing to try new things, especially on the sexual side. Beleive me some black guy will try to get into her panties before she leaves campus. I say go with her on Spring Break, and party with some black guys at a club, etc. It will happened beleive me.

  2. Getting her a little drunk and then grinded during freak dancing is okay. But if a dude then takes and fucks her while she’s “impaired,” and if she didn’t like it for some reason upon waking up the next day, she could get pissed off at you and name you as an accessory to “date rape.” You gotta protect yourself against that. I’d say you should avoid being the person who gives her any booze. Then whatever happens and however she feels about it later, it’s not on you.

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