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What should I do?

My long time girlfriend is half latin and half asian, orgeous to say the least. We practically live together but she keeps her apartment because it is close to work and she stays there when she works late.
At least that is what she tells me. I found out on the nights she stays in town she is sleeping with black men. More than one at times. Now, how do I confront her? Next how do I explain I didn’t trust her and I followed her? Last how do I tell her I like the idea and I want to be her cuck? I think it is awesome! Half latin pussy filled with black man’s cum cleaned by a white cucky. The best of alll worlds!long time girlfriendlong time girlfriendlong time girlfriend

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13 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. You obviously like the idea of your girlfriend screwing other men, especially black men. The fact that she does it behind your back thrills you. Its best to be up front about her slutty ways. Sit her down and ask her has she been sleeping around? If she continues to deny the fact, tell her you know she has several black boyfriends. Give her a chance to confess up, and tell you the truth. Once the truth is out in the open, then you can proceed with your ideas of having an open relationship, and it would be a turn on to see her having sex with different black guys. I am sure your girlfriend will be happy, that you know about her black dick fetish,and she can take off her panties and fuck all kinds of different black guys.

  2. hey just tell her that you like her fucking black men and you aonly want to clean her cunt from the thick cum they leave

  3. dont even tell her you know, just bring it up to her that youve been having kinky dreams and you wanna try something new and kinky, then act nervous and tell her about watching her with a big black cock…then she will do the rest ;p

    post pics of her once you get to watch her with bbc

  4. Is she your trophy that brings you such pleasure? does she look that good when she’s getting pleasured. is it raunchy or sensual? She looks good and I would give her a run for her body. I’ not black but. i can twist her out like never before.

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