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White cheerleader with black team

Honey, why can’t you find a nice white man to have… ahem to do this with, like your mother.
Come on. I’m a cheerleader. It’s my job to cheer the team which happens to be largely black. Tell me one great white ball player out there. For too long the dice was loaded in favor of the white man. BTW, Mom and Nanna both told me that even in their times all white women always knew that black men were better than white men in every way possible. But they never had it fair.
And as soon as unfair privileges were taken away from the white man, the black man started dominating in every field. Black men were built for physical dominance… especially sporting contests that are in reality a battle for mating rights.
The victor gets to breed the female, and she never questions his authority. Cheerleading is like a pre-mating dance to demonstrate to the male the female’s agile and ready body.
White women don’t call this interracial sex, daddy. How lame is that! They just call it sex. There’s no other type of sex for white womenWhite cheerleader with black team

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4 thoughts on “White cheerleader with black team

  1. Absolutey, the Black Man has finally emerged to his
    rightful place of dominance over the white race – and
    especially over mating rites of the white female.
    Now Black Men are exercising their natural right of
    dominance over white women – to use them as their
    personal sex toys to command, use, and even abuse
    if they (the Black Man) desires to do so.
    While to white man is now at the service of his white
    BBC whore wife and the masculine, virile dominant
    Black Man – just as nature intended it to be all along.

  2. I was a cheerleader both in college and high school. The first guy to have my pussy was a Black guy on the high school football team. from there it was one Black player after the other. When I met my husband I was only with 2 other white guys and over 5o Blacks. Even now married almost 3 years I continue to enjoy Black cock

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