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White cuckoldress in action

She is definitely fully prepared to get that black shaft wrapped in condom deep in her sweet pussy. That mature married bitch wears sexy laced lingerie that makes her bf’s tool so big and besides she knows how to give a proper handjobWhite cuckoldress in action

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10 thoughts on “White cuckoldress in action

    1. My wife never used a condom. First time she agreed to having a friend, she said only with a condom but that I had to put it on him. Since I really wanted her to go bare back I put the condom just over the head. Well, it fell off during. Afterwards she asked me what if I get pregnant. I told her that was the plan and she never used a condom again. Eventually she did get pregnant. The arrangement we had was if she had sex with another guy, I would eat her afterwards and then add my own cum.

  1. Condoms are a turnoff, they should both get test before and provide the results to each other and then go at it, a girl shouldn’t be with a guy unless she wants his cum deep inside her.

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