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Why our white girlfriends dream about blacks – interracial amatuer cuckold

Letter from our blog reader Bruno
According you my girlfriend who is is a very slutty blond german and 23years old (I am 36 and english and have been cuckolded by her for past 2 years, exclusively with huge black men, mainly army personnel stationed here), the main attraction apart from their sheer male potency (well built muscular, more stamina, much bigger c*cks/testicles and according to her much tastier, thicker and much more copious semen) is ARROGANCE/EGO. interracial amatuer cuckoldShe and her college pals like nothing better than be treated like whores and wantonly degraded by prosmiscuous black guys that they pick up in certain clubs/bars…many young german girls here buy the whole hardcore rap/R&B thing promoting black guys who are dominating and have greater sexual prowess.
I’ve been lucky enough to witness my girl being boned by many of her lovers (she only brings consenting ones home…often the younger guys actively enjoy cuckolding weaker men and put on a real show particularly if they are with their friends) and I have noticed that many of these men enjoy the fact that they can defile young white girls so totally with no strings or consequence. My girl also tells me that they like blondes particularly so many of the attractive girls here are bleach blondes specifically to attract black men. This may tie up with the racial thing…first, my girl feels thrilled that her conservative middle-cla*s family would be appalled by her actions as not only does she enjoy cheating on me (even though I support her 100% financially!) and on the other hand the black guys get off on basically cutting these young white girls in half with their ma*sive d*cks with their inferior menfolk helpless to intervene. Breaks these racial taboos to the mix of the downright obscenity to what they are doing. All men are not created equal and my girl will testify to that. She would NEVER consider a white man again. One last observation on being cuckolded by young increasingly submissive and depraved slut of girlfriend: I note that the majority of the guys not only insist on anal sex with her but ALWAYS ejaculate in her face when they climax thereby degrading her even more, often pulling her hair to firmly position the ‘target’ and enjoying shooting up her nostrils and in her eyes. My girlfriend particularly enjoys this humiliation when I am watching for some reason, as do the men who are doing it! Can anyone else’s wifes/girlfriends comment on why my girlfriend is so into this? Is this the ultimate in arrogance from her lovers? Regards

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15 thoughts on “Why our white girlfriends dream about blacks – interracial amatuer cuckold

  1. She loves their arrogant sexual confidence. The difference is she has been doing this for years. She is no longer a young women. She has seen it all and knows what she wants. Her being very submissive is all part of the game that ends up in “unbelievable sex” according to her. She loves being submissive to them. Especially when I’m involved. The black stud feels as if he has just conquered another white bi**h in front of her “corporate type” husband and he was powerless to do anything about it.

  2. Your girlfriend loves black cock for the same reason my wife,Jane, does…they are bigger than me, thicker thean me and cum in heavier loads than me and with anal she feels impaled…it is only with black guys that she will do a dp…so any of those big black bulls in Geramny who want my wife…

  3. I’m with you all the way could watch our white women get fucked by BBC all day long. It made me hard reading why see likes BBC, would love to be in the same position as you. Would also like a woman to tell me how it feels like te be a BBC slave.

  4. Yes most white women dream of doing black men with huge cock. If they say no they are lying. Even my wife kathy would be on her knees gobbling every inch of black cock. Probably more inches then she can handle.

  5. I think is good idea white women to have sex with BBc ,just to enjoyed that’s ok ,I love to know some one BM for weekend fantasy ,we didn’t fined

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