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White hubby masturbates while wife is fucked

It seems that white husband doesn’t even try to join her happy wife who is being drilled by black fucker right in front of his face! He only plays with his small prick while wife has tons of fun with her black partner![media id=155 width=590 height=443]

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3 thoughts on “White hubby masturbates while wife is fucked

  1. this video its a good example for any white marriage ,and a very lucky husband to had the privilege of watching and helping his wife with her black partner ‘congratulation’

  2. This is the wave of the future and exactly how it should be. The black guys need and want pussy. The white wives need and want fucked. The white boys don’t deserve any so they must be satisfied with getting themselves off while the wife and the black man take care of each others sexual needs the old fashion and traditional way.

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