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White men fear this

All white men must fear us white women going to this. Theres really nothing they can do,except watch and be quiet. We want our fill of a big nice 12 inch black cock to be filled complete[media id=370 width=590 height=443]

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37 thoughts on “White men fear this

  1. Master, you shouldnt have to masturbate and cum on the floor. Any white wife, slut would be honored to do this for you and to take your sacred black seee put deeep into their slut bellys
    Thats why white sluts put on this earth. for the pleasure and use by superior black men

  2. In the future, please utilize your big black gift in pleasing women.
    Especially white women would love to have it.
    You’d be doing them a big favor – and, no doubt, you’d also enjoy their service
    and worship of you and your BBC.
    Just some well-intentioned advice, sir. All the Best.

  3. Damn, it would take 3 or 4 of my little dick to make one of his.

    It really should be us boys beating off while watching IR porn and him doing the fucking of our white females. Plus that black cum needs pumped into some white pussy for sure.

  4. Yes, we whites do envy what you have (your BBC) and we also envy
    your success with white women.
    However, we also appreciate that you’re willing to satisfy so many
    women as we (white guys) never could.
    These white women would never expericence great sex if not for
    you and other Black gentlemen such as yourself.
    Thank you for your kind and generous service to white women.

  5. White men fear this, Darlene of coarse we fear that. The shock, fear, and excitement of the black man taking all the hottest and sexiest white, asian, and hispanic ladies is precisely what conditions us over a period of time to absolutely love to see our ladies provide black men with the hottest most erotic sexual experience they can. One analogy of comparison would be to say, a lot of us play football but a very few are in the NFL, well we all fuck but not all of us are a black guy with those physiques and huge cocks or have a tidal wave of impregnating cum that shoots out of the end of our cocks when we’re done either.

  6. beautiful foot long uncircumcised black bull breeding cock you have sir!! i would be proud to have you pleasure yourself in my manmouth pussy hole befor you fuck my white tight wifes pink slit in a peach married pussy andyou deposit your black seed in her. i have cock size envy looking at your huge black manhooded cock!!

  7. If I could hand select a Black cock for my white wifes first time slam with a Black Man you’d be the one for her. Seeing your uncircumcised cock drop that load was the thrill of a lifetime and would definately have my wifes pussy jucies flowing like a river. When we have sex I talk dirty to her about doing a black man and she shot her load without anything inside her except her thoughts. It was amazing, and I want that sweet white stuff you just threw down inside of her hot wet pussy. I know that it would be awesome,she’d take you to heaven and you’d be one very satisfied black man. I’ve told her many times, my favorite desert is chocolate cream pie, and when it happens, I’m gettin mine…..yummy, yummy, yummy..

  8. How many white women will a black cock like that breed in a lifetime? The majestic black cock will be the destroyer of the white race. As a tiny dicked white man I have accepted the fact that I will be bred out by the vastly superior black man.

  9. I have watched this video so many times…mmm I love it everytime. I love the way he makes love to his cock, caresses it, and cums…mmmmm the only thing I don’t like is that all that wonderful thick cum is wasted

  10. That’s an amazing cock. It puts mine to shame. I’ve come to accept the black man’s sexual superiority. If I want to be in a relationship, I have to recognize that my girlfriend will fuck black men on the side. If I love her, I should want her to be happy, and black dick is the best way to accomplish that anyway.

  11. Ohhhh Yesssss … Im a white middle aged BBC luvin cummthirsty cucky with out a Size QOS Cuckoldress….. Im not afraid at ALL .. I Completely Understand …..& as a Matter of Fact I have the Same LUV for Blk Men with COCKS like This as U Women …. Cant Tell U how Much Id Luv bein on my knees suckin his Dick Balls Deep & Swallowin that TAsty Load…. My Size QOS ex & her $ b/fs trained me to be able to Handle Men with COCKS like his … & I LUV IT.. I Just cant help be a faggot for Blk Men

  12. My wifes lover,s cock is as big as yours ,I love massive big bla ck cock ,the smell and taste of his cum is heaven ,as you lick your wifes pussy clean .I would have liked to have been there while you were wanking your cock ,I would have licked your balls and arsehole ,would have been under you when you shot your cum ,even the drops on your feet ,I would lick your feet You are a god

  13. nice size, but can’t be hard and cum quickly, why i must be feared ? It’s not a problem to see a big cock like this in the pussy of my bitch, nice to see it and not feared for the rest with my 20cm dick. This is less than him but this is a good tool for massive destruction. All the girls i have fucked walked like a duck after. And with big dick like this, it s perfect for pictures and dp.

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