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6 thoughts on “White sluts on public

  1. All women should be proud and honored to
    be seen seducing, or being seduced, by a superior
    BBC Bull Master.
    While the white hubby should also be proud of his
    wife that the bull finds her attractive and that she will
    have a great time sexually.

  2. Look, as long as it’s okay with the club management, it’s perfectly okay for white hotwives to make out with their bulls (actual or prospective) in public. In fact, by doing so, they enhance the erotic atmosphere and make the place more enjoyable for everybody. It’s also a good way to attract an additional man or two to make it a group sex party if her original bull is okay with it. So, the wives should cast aside any reservations, and should engage in public foreplay without shame.

  3. My wife had a black man take her knickers off ,he then pulled her tits out ,a white guy walked up and watched as he opened her cunt and finger fucked her. He held her cunt open and he cum some spunk shot in her cunt ,the rest on here legs, she orgasmed fast the guy was twisting her nipples ,she liked it. , janet did the black man again well he did her like a cheap whore that she is. Jc

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