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White wife used by black men

Your wife loves submitting to superior black cock. She fights with u and u spend a lot of money on her for the occasional half hearted handjob or lifeless sex. But black men get the best your wife has to offer, blowjobs, sex daily, balls licked, ass licked, all done with pleasure by your precious wife.

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6 thoughts on “White wife used by black men

      1. Me an my wife have been looking to have a fantasy fullfied. It begins with her being blindfolded and surrounded by a group of black men. Everyone is wearing masks and no one is saying a word so that it adds to the suspense. She is being manhandled one by one cock by cock til she can’t take no more. All is barebacking her. She is willing to start from smallest to biggest. If u want more details comment back we would love to give more

  1. She is beautiful and what a great body. I can tell she is every bit a lady. That is what makes her even more sexy and beautiful. Would love to see more bbc video of her. She has a great tattoo. Right above the tan line.
    Like to see pictures of her in public with that queen of spades showing. More DP fucking and sucking and swallowing cum of those bbc’s. She could scoop it up with her fingers and lick them clean. She is a star of wife/bbc videos in my mind. Maybe have her role play. House wife picked up in a bar. picked up while out shopping and taken to a cheap hotel or workmen at her house. A nurse in a hospital. A lady working on the street getting picked up and take to a cheap motel. She should dress up in short skirts or dresses, revealing and/or low cut tops. greater belts and stocking, matching lingerie (bra and panties) and of course high heals.

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