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14 thoughts on “White wives interracial – Take this bitch!

  1. I was with my wife whenever possible when a black man was fucking her I got a bigger thrill out of watching a black man in a bed with her then fucking her. I would always fuck her when her black lover is done.

    I believe it is her husband’s duty to make sure that the black male population is satisfied.

  2. Who wants to stretch out my white pussy? Go to the mail site that is hot and add the top info. to the front of it.

  3. Actually the supposed husband’s white cock isn’t that small at all is it? Got no problem with BBC in my wife, but you are a fool if you believe that all cucks or white guys are small. Some just like to share their slut wives.

  4. This bitch is retarded just like the rest of you!
    Why the would a bitch want to fuck a black dude? White are way better in every way.

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