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Who wants to abuse me?

I am a so called cougar woman, and in a very sexless relationship with my husband of 1 1/2 years. I stay with him because he is rich, but not in the dick department. We live on his ranch with all kinds of lovely animals and a fishing pond. I have been staring alot at the horsse lately while daydreaming. Big huge horze dicks just hanging and swaying in the wind. It reminds me of what I am missing out of in the fill me up to the brim episodes. So I am masturbating much more than I had in the past. My most intense orgasms are either fantasizing about having hardcore sex with a couple of our black ranch hands or one of those damn So respond to this somewhat sex add and tell me what you can offer this, getting hornier and wetter. ranch woman slut. Please enclose a few pics with your cock hard as a rock. We’ll see what kind of trouble you can fuck into meWho wants to abuse me

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