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Why does it happen?

At first I couldn’t understand why … but now I understand. There is no “why.” It just “is.” There’s something primal and dominant … alpha … about darkly pigmented well sized male organs. Women instinctually seek them out and lesser endowed … especially white … guys innately understand they can’t compete with them.worship bbc

My girl and I decided to try a threesome with a BBC guy not too long ago. Be careful. Once you start down that path you won’t be able to go back. These days she has two guys that regularly call the house to invite her out.

The first guy, Leroy, we met on the Internet. After a bit of small talk the three of us went back to our place. He ate our food, drank our beer and then pulled it out. My girl looked over at me and began giggling uncontrollably. It was both longer and thicker (a lot thicker) than my hardon and yet it was still completely flaccid. I felt excited and devastated at the same time. Without a word from him my formerly somewhat prudish wife knelt between his
legs and began servicing his rather impressive cock. He simply leaned back in the easy chair, combed his fingers through her hair and enjoyed her lips.

He then asked her to step back and do a little strip tease which she did without question. He told her to finger herself … her nipples and then her pussy. I was shocked but she did everything he asked without hesitation. Then, he motioned her to him. She straddled him bareback. In what I can only describe as a joint effort they worked together to get his massive organ inside her tight pussy. It wasn’t easy. He fucked her like that for a few minutes and then grabbed her under her ass and stood up. Carrying her as he continued pumping her tight pussy they went down the hall to our bedroom. He invited me to come watch.

He laid her on the her flat on her back on the bed and pinned her hands above her head. I watched from the side as he began pumping harder. He propped himself up wanting to watch her face as he intensified his thrusts. She made some minor protestation moaning something about it hurting. He mumbled something about pathetic skinny white dicks and then he really started pounding her pussy mercilessly. I watched submissively as her face contorted and her
perky “C” cup tits bounced hard. She freed her hands and to my shock reached to grab at his ass … hungry for every inch of his cock to be deep inside her. With her legs flailing she began an intensely orgasmic cascade that I’d never seen before. He smiled at me as he slowly pulled his glistening shaft from her limp body.

After he left she told me her pussy was torn, raw and hurt … a LOT … but she wanted more … seriously wanted more.

He’s been fucking her ever since.

He recently introduced her to a friend of his. I don’t know how often she services him but I suspect it’s pretty often. I’ve only seen him once from a distance. He parked outside our house. She eagerly sashayed down the walkway. I watched from the doorway as she climbed into his car 50 feet away. They spoke for a brief moment. I then saw him making some motions indicative of opening his pants and watched as she put her head in his lap. This, mind
you, was the very first time she’d ever met him! I couldn’t see but it was pretty damn obvious. He glanced over at me with a faint
smile as he put the car in drive and slowly pulled out from the curb.

Both of these guys are married. Leroy told me he loves his wife and makes love to her regularly. He said, “you see … about my wife, I love and I make love to her. Your wife is nothing more than a cock sucking whore to me. I have two other white bitches like her. Neither of them will ever be satisfied their hubby’s pasty white little pricks again … your wife won’t either.” He chuckled, “They can’t get enough of mine though!” Your wife has already spread their legs for my friend Jake and soon there will be others.”

Stunned by his frankness I muttered, “what?” He explained, “whenever one of us gets a hot little white bitch like your wife we work on turning her into a full on “pass around” black cock obsessed slut.” He pulled two pictures of very attractive “20 something” women out of his wallet saying, “I’ve done it twice before and your pretty wife is number three.” He gazed at me with a smug look of victorious contempt. “You’re a naive little shit with a pathetic little dick Jack and now you’re married to a girl who worships big black cocks!” He laughed, “It’s happening all over America.”

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13 thoughts on “Why does it happen?

  1. It’s true and white women never had it so good. white men should be happy for their wife’s happiness. Keep up the good work Black Men and white women. Let’s not forget that whites owe it to the Black Man to please and serve them – in every way – especially sexually. It’s great to see America is moving in the right direction!

  2. Why?
    Blacks bring out the animal instinct in white women which is to be owned and fucked by the superior male. Being black almost always guarantees this. Being married is just a logistical necessity — someone to pay bills, etc.. But BBC for white women, especially wives, is a natural need.

  3. The word is out: white women [both married and unmarried] can only be satisfied by BBC. Sorry white guys! Pay the bills and be happy if her Black Lovers permit you to watch her have the best sex she’ll ever have!

  4. Yes,Yes, It is happening all over our country! And we white men are learning to accept this and even desire this pleasure for our wives and girlfriends..

  5. My wife has a lover who is fat black hairy man with muscular bodies, she asked her black lover if he can move to our house for me it was great .because my wife was very happy . sometimes they let me sleep in the same room me in my bed and they in yours. ifeel very excited when i watch my wife fucking with her strong and fat black cock , finally my wife confessed me “with this black bull she feel very safe and protected. and i agree with you sir ‘BBC AARON’ white wife CAN ONLY BE SATIFIED BY A STRONG MAN WITH A STRONG LARGE HARD cock ,and white husband is a logistical necessity and of course is a natural need for whit married couple and with you ‘SID’its a special day if her black lover permit you to watching and jekijng , and i agree with you too ‘tabor’

    1. It’s so true !!! Everything is true i’m a white man and i’ms agree too. It’s the real better way of life !!!

  6. There is just something so animalistic and sexy that happens between a married white woman and her black lover. The pleasure and the passion in my relationships with my black lovers is soooo much more then my relationship with my husband. i love my husband but I crave black cock.

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