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14 thoughts on “I drive to home my wife and her black lover

  1. Beautiful picture – the white man chauffering the Black Man while she services him in the back seat – exactly how it should be!

  2. Sublime! Simply sublime! It’s fantastic to see another white woman give in to her desire – or should I say biological need, i.e. breeding with SUPERIOR men? This picture shows that Black men – our Masters – are simply superior. That white guy could never fuck his wife like that. And now that she has had Black, she WON’T go back! As white men, we should give generously to groups that help & increase the influence of our Black Masters. As pathetic cuckolds, we should financially support our wives Black Masters! And if our Black Masters want to impregnate our wives/girlfriends with their powerful seed, then we should feel honoured!! Anyone agree?

  3. I agree with you whiteslave,i have told my white wife that i would love her to have her first bbc. I think it intrests her, check out her pictures under my username & let me know if you think bbc bulls would like to use her as a new white fuck toy. All the best qqf20c.

  4. Yeh man! I agree. I’ll financially support the guy in the picture on the right labeled patmos35. All he has to do is give it to my wife real good and he gets a free ride.

  5. Super.
    Will have to try this with my slut and her cuckold hubby. That is fucking her in the back seat of their tinted windows van as he drives us through town.

  6. I strongly agree with whiteslave I wish my wife would get pregnant by black man so bad the thought alone makes me horny. My dream is to take my bbc virgin to a club and get her drunk.
    then just send her out into the mens restroom and have her fully service every black that walks in.

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