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15 thoughts on “Wife dresses for bull

  1. hotwifedoubleD,
    That outfit looks amazing! In all seriousness, your wife has an identical body to my beautiful BBC loving wife (mine is just a little more tan – Mediterranean roots). Your wife is gorgeous, and she is going to love every moment getting ravaged and thoroughly sexually satisfied by whichever well endowed black man it is that you two pick out as her first.
    She is good looking enough to be picky though, so don’t rush things. The more you make the first time “right”, the more she will be hooked by the mind blowing enjoyment that a black man with a large, thick cock can give her, as far as pure physical pleasure goes. Every single part of all four photos looks just like my sexy wife’s (except the face of course), so I know she will be able to handle any amount of cock that she encounters.
    Go slow at first, she might bleed a little the first time – my wife did, but after a while I guarantee you she will be making her Bull fuck her as hard, fast, and deep as he can – with a bonus for her of having a sex partner with the stamina to give it to her until they are both exhausted.
    It is a HUGE turn on! My hot wife has had 5 different black lovers over the last 6 years a total of at least 30+ times (we lost count). Most of those “dates” we have gone on together, but about 7 or 8 of them she has gone solo. It is very exciting to be patiently waiting at home knowing that your sexy wife is in a hotel room at that very moment somewhere with her legs wrapped around a well built black man that is pumping his very long thick cock in and out of her, and is going to be doing that for hours, and that she is going to come home so tired and weak in the knees that she can barely walk straight. I know this from fact. Nothing has ever made my average sized white dick harder either, than sitting there imagining all the positions they are fucking and sucking in, knowing she is having one multiple orgasm after another, and that at the end she ALWAYS has him shoot an enormous load of his semen deep into her. She tells me that it is one of her favorite parts of every outing.
    Good luck with your adventures, and please, please post updates with pics. I know everyone on this site would love to see them.

  2. Yes she looks like wonderful breeding material for black men too. She needs to surrender to the black male population and let her pussy serve as a popular cum dump. These black men deserve it! They are so athletic and well-endowed, and they have 10 times as much stamina as we do. Open up to them and let us all be happy 🙂 Can’t wait to see next pic of black cock between your legs. That will be gorgeous.

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