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8 thoughts on “Wife wants black

  1. Damn it girl STOP looking and hit me up!!! Im 35 and just looking at that sweet white ass of your makes my dick hard as hell. I’m in Jacksonville and we could have so much fun!
    Me love you long time….

  2. I just wanted to say, though I’m not in florida, those pics seriously made consider finding a reason to take a trip…incredible ass and I hope whoever tears it up, does it right!

  3. You turned me on from the second I saw this picture. I am currently attending college in south GA and I am about one hour away from the Florida border. I wanted to know what part of N. Fl you guys were from. Look me up in the community my name is yngblackdick22. I’d love to get into contact with you guys and more importantly the sexy lady in these pictures.

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