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Wife wants black

Hi, Im never done anything like this b4. hubby mentioned a fantasy of watching me with a black man and now I cant get it out of my head.
Never seen a black dick let alone been with 1 so I’m curious – I hear their BIG 🙂 🙂 From what I see on here thats true?! I get the acronym BBC! LOL
Looking for black guys to fantasise with / swap pics etc. and couples who’ve tried going black.
Some questions:
* Hubby says black men all want anal everytime – true?
* My friend says once you go black you never go back – true? Would I get my normal sex life with my husband back?
* Ive only ever been with my hubby and he says I have a ncie tight pussy. Would a BBC stretch me forever?!

Wife wants blackWife wants black

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10 thoughts on “Wife wants black

  1. Hi,

    Yes, would luv to swap fantanies and pics with you, and let you the deal with the BBC. I am not surprised you are curious, and I find many white babes are getting into it with and without their husbands/boyfriends knowledge. If you want to get all black up with your hubby there, more power to you. The myth is that all black men are overly hung etc, which is probably true in most cases, but black guys are definitely into sex and generally more active in the bedroom then most white men. The black guys I am sure wouldn’t mind doing anal sex if that is your thing, and willing to try new or your favorite position. Doggie style is my favorite because I can really penerate deeper and faster which most white women love to be filled and stretched out completely. Once you go black, there is a good possiblity you will want to do again and again, almost addicting in ways, but not to a point of leaving your husband, etc. I find alot of white women willing to go for sex with black guys on vacation or business travel, or meet up with them in pickup bars around town. I am not a doctor, but I couldn’t imagine your pussy being stretch out completely, but should be able to accomodate a well hung black guy that would give you a good pussy pounding. You will love it!!

  2. Hi Sexy Lady.
    yes it true once you go black you never go back and not all bbc are anal fans you have a great body and sexy come to bed eyes you can be my coffee and i will be your cream to fill you up.My name andy fit fun and free weekends it would be a nice to meet a hot babe in 2012 and all her dreams cum true andy xxx 5ft 10 inches tall v/w/e/d

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