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Wife written on and used by black men

My wife showed me these pictures after I came home, she picked up some random black guys at a bar, and made sure they fucked her good. She was so full of cum, it was running down her legs. Not a single guy left our bedroom without having his balls drained…..she let them have a little fun and write a few things on her body, so I knew she had been black owned Wife written on and used by black menWife written on and used by black men.

Slave to serve the big black cock. Breeding cumslut. Checking out the merchandise before a long night of black cock breeding, multiple loads and BBC.Slave to serve the big black cock

Cum dump for bbc. She just can’t get enough black cum. That pussy is getting wore out!Cum dump for bbc

My wife has gone black. After getting home from a night out… My wife has gone black

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8 thoughts on “Wife written on and used by black men

  1. She should make those permanent markings to show everyone that she is a white slut for BBC’s. I have a Queen of spades tat on my left breast. A tat over my shaved pussy that reads “BLACK COCK ONLY” and a tat on my ass that reads “BLACK PROPERTY” I’m proud to have them and show them off. So is my husband

  2. This is what every loving husband should come
    home to: The pleasure of knowing that his wife has
    done her part in serving the Black Man and making
    him happy. White couples should work together in
    achieving this goal. Perhaps the best way to
    accomplish this is for every white wife to provide as
    much great sex to as many black men as possible.
    It’s nice to see so many white couples are beginning
    to understand this and are doing that which they are
    obligated to do – serve the Black Man.

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