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Wifes Black Lover

Knowing my wife’s lover was here, I started to sneak out of our house, but I decided to take a quick peek first. I was shocked and awed as a saw my wife on her knees in front of a huge back man! Her head was tilted back as she slowly licked the underside of his huge shaft while her hands lightly teased his skin! She had never, ever gotten on her knees in front of me, much less put my cock in her mouth, yet there she was, almost worshiping his manhood! Now I know why she never wants to have sex with me! Sadly, I left the house, cursing the day I was born a small dicked white guy…Wifes Black Lover

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3 thoughts on “Wifes Black Lover

  1. Hi Dan, Whilst I sympathise with your feelings of rejection you have to know that the attraction between black men and white women is irresistible and you have to accept that. The natural next step is for your wife to be black bred. My husband knows I have been blacked and while I try to suppress the yearning it never goes away.
    In Britain there was a census in 2011 and the figures have just been released. One thing that stands out is the huge increase in IR births almost all black (M) on white(F) since the last census 10 years before. If the rate continues in 20 years it will be the norm for babies to be mixed race. Other factors were the number of white wives have brown/black children from a lover often with their white husbands acceptance.

  2. UUUUMMMMM!!! Young Oriental school girl blowing her stud. I wouldn’t hesitate if I had a chance to join you two in bed!!!

  3. Again I again with Tina I would hesitate to join their sex party. Tina sounds like a lot of fun she agrees with all my comments. Contact me Tina!!?? Together we’d blow their minds. I’d especially enjoy that cute tiny Oriental school girl!!!!!

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