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Wife’s fantasy is now a reality

My wife and I have always liked to tell each other our fantasies in bed. A couple of months ago while we were having sex my wife told me she had a fantasy about fucking one of my friends who is black. I ask her if she had ever had sex with a black guy before she said no. She said it was just a fantasy and she would never have the nerve to try it. I told her it turned me on to think about it and if she wanted to she could. She said she couldn’t do that but if she decided to try she would let me know. About 3 weeks later I decided to leave work at lunch to go home and relax. I didn’t tell my wife I was coming home but didn’t think I would see her doing what I did when I got there. As I pulled into the drive I saw my buddy’s car there. My car I very quiet so they never heard me pull in. I eased in very quiet and heard them talking in the bedroom. I tiptoed down the hall to hear better when i got a big shock to hear my wife tell him to take it easy on her because she had never fucked a black guy before and certainly never a cock this big. He said ok then things were quite for a few minutes. The door was cracked open so I started getting closer so i could get a look in when i heard her start moaning and say God your dick feels good. I looked in to see her on her back with her legs wrapped around him. He was fucking her real slow and she was taking all his cock in her. She then told him to fuck her harder. I could see his big cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. I watched them fuck for almost an hour in several positions. She got on top and went crazy riding him like I never seen before. They finished off fucking doggy style and she let him shoot his load in her. When he pulled out I saw his cum running out of her pink swollen pussy. He later beside her and they kissed and she kept rubbing his dick. She told him they could rest and then go for round two before i got home. I eased out as quite as I came in and left. I came home at my normal time anxious to see if she would tell me what she had done. I was so turned on I couldn’t hardly stand I came in she acted as if nothing had happened. I told her I wanted to fuck her so bad. We went to the bedroom and got undressed. As i got on top of her i figured I would give her another chance to tell me what she had done, I said Damn your pussy is so wet. She just said that she had been wanting me all day also. I haven’t told her i knew yet and she hasn’t said anything either. I know they are planning another day of sex because I looked at her text One night she was in the shower. She had told him she couldn’t wait until she could get his black cock in her again, he told her it was coming very soon. I’m just wondering if she will ever tell me what she is doing or if it will be her secret.wife's fantasy is now a reality

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