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Wifes new bull – interracial cuckold

I as a cuck have been searching for a bull for my pregnant wife and as you can see she just loved this bulls cock. She is considering being black bred by him and I care for. This is something she wants and as a cuck its a dream come true![media id=512 width=590 height=443]

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5 thoughts on “Wifes new bull – interracial cuckold

  1. Great vid of a great looking couple.Your wife and her lover. Her face certainly shines and see the happiness when he cums deep in her. Pity shes already got your white baby in her (if its a girl great, this slut will raise her to serve black cock). The next time shes fucked after birth will be black only.
    And you as a cuck hubby will be just as happywith being a black owned family

    1. yes,she is very satisfied and he has already made plans to breed her. I know he is superior to me and I obey him by preparing her for him,sucking.his cock on command and cleaning the mess he makes after he explodes inside her.

  2. Hi everyone – what great clip. very realistic when he calls her a bitch and orders her around. i had to learn the hard way its a black guys world. shannon

  3. Have your wife keep being frequently fucked by the bull during her pregnancy. BBCs provide good stretching exercises for white pussy, making it easier for the women when they go into labor and give birth.

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