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Wife’s new job – interracial sex story

You watch Monday morning as your wife gets ready for her new job. She dresses in short business suit with a nice matching bra and panty set. It’s starting to warm up so she doesn’t bother with hose. Her tanned legs look nice without them, and besides with eht CFM heels she’s wearing who’d notice anyway. You watch from the door as she gets in her car and heads off.

You figure out a way to cut out early so You’ll be home waiting for her return. That eveining she gets back shortly after 5, and looks as fresh as she did when she left. This is how the week goes. No hints of michief, nothing amiss.

The following week your torn between giving up on it or on taking action to push the issue. By Tuesday your feeling so down you take off fo the afternoon. You just want to go home and spend the time reading about hot wives on your favorite site.

As you near your house you see a strange car in the driveway. You decide to check it out. You park down the street and move towards the house. You slip in the back and check in the windows to see if anything is out of place. When you get to the kitchen you find your answer.

There is your wife bent over the table with a black man’s cock up her ass. You can hear she’s squealing and the look on her face is absolute pleasure. His long cock stretches her asshole each time it pistons in and out. Your eyes are drawn to where their bodies are joined, and you notice that this is thier second round. Cum is dripping out of her pussy. In fact it looks like a little gush each time he bottoms out in her ass. Then he tenses and you can tell that he’s pumping a second round of cum in your wife.

Slowly he pulls out. Your wife turns and drops quickly. She grabs his black cock and licks up the bottom from the base to the tip. Then she circles the crown with her tounge and plunges her mouth down his lucky shaft. She works until he’s clean, but only half hard.

As they head for their clothes you beat a hasty retreat to your car to plan your next step………

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