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Wifey’s IR World – Part 2

Here is the second installment of what it might look like if every man’s favorite internet Wifey went Black. Again, we take another excursion into the deep, dark, fantasy world of interracial erotica and see that this scenario would be sizzling hot.Wifey s IR WorldWifey s IR WorldWifey s IR WorldWifey s IR WorldWifey s IR World

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13 thoughts on “Wifey’s IR World – Part 2

  1. The movie Hall Pass with the scene of a huge BBC made my wife and probably most of the white wives in the theater hunger for some black cock. Good job Hollywood, we need to see more black cock in movies.

  2. That is one of the problems in Hollywood, they don’t show many legit movies with interracial couples, mainly leading black men with sexy looking white babes, but there has been some exceptions lately. The stero typing in Hollywood with Black men in general has not always been postive. I’ve meet white folks that actually believe that crap they see in the movies. The interracial sex scene in America booming, mainly because of the internet. Yea Black men are hooking up with white babes for sex and fun, and vice versa, Black babes hooking up with white guys too. They say by 2040, white men will be a minority in America.

  3. We should at lest request wifey from Wifey’s World to do a solo scene:
    were she is watching interracial porn on her computer and gets off at the same time with a big black vibrating dildo.
    Maybe if we had every one here massed emailed her to do it she might do it. Say we would join if she did it. And have her promise to at lest think about the real thing.
    This would get her started, you know one step at a time.

    1. She already has a scene where she is watching a music video on her computer with the song “short dick man” and nothing but BBC/Interracial pictures on the video. They even did some pictures of her lusting over a BBC on a computer monitor.

      I’m with you guys. She needs to do it.

  4. How about we start a money pool, every one give 20 dollars. If every on her did, and we offered the lump sum to wifey. I am sure there are at lest a 300-500 people willing to give. That would be 6,000-10,000 to offer her. I am sure she would not turn it down.
    And if we do get her to do it, part of of the deal would be no sex for a month befor the deed, so she would be all worked up to take the real thing.
    Seeing her face while she gets it from behind for her first time, hell i’ll donate a hundred.

  5. She is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I want to fuck her like there’s no tomorrow! I want to watch and video her in an INTERRACIAL BAREBACK GANGBANG TAKING BLACK CREAMPIES then have sloppy seconds with her for the rest of the week!

  6. Wifey getting it by a black dude with a huge cock would be an amazing thing! Actually, anyone else but her hubby would be great also, but a black dude with a huge cock doing her would be a major $ maker for her site. Keep the pics coming. You are doing a great job! Thanks.

  7. love her feet if she was my wife would love to see a big black cock do her and then i would clean her up while shes getting a huge black cock put in her i would suck her toes and lick her asshole

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