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Will she do it!!

After years of convincing my wife she is now ready to experience BIG BLACK COCK, it is something I have desired & fantasized about for years. She is still apprehensive, I am posting these pictures of her for comments. I am hoping reading the comments will encourage her to go for it. She is 43, and here are some pictures of her. I know they will get some good positive comments that will pave the way for her to GO BLACK and make some BBC very happy, Sorry but only if you are from South Africa You can contact us at rsawife@gmail.comWill she do itWill she do it!!!!!!!Will she do it!!!!!!!Will she do it!!!!!!!Will she do it!!!!!!!Will she do it!!!!!!!

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20 thoughts on “Will she do it!!

  1. There’s some potential to attract BBC, but she must first:
    It looks like the Brazilian Rain Forest growing down there!
    Good Luck!

  2. Hey buddy from Midrand here.

    Thanks for showing us your wife she is super fine wow.

    Nice looking perfect body.

    Drop me a reply if you keen

  3. hi,

    Am based in Gauteng the wife looks as sexy as hell. Would love a pump session with her. Ignore theses nitwits going on about shaving that bush, that is part of what makes her sexy!! Oh… i believe i’ve just squirted some pre cum! That’s how sexy shes is 🙂

  4. You are very pretty. I like the first pic of you standing in your dress with your legs apart. I would love to lie on the floor and look up to see your panties underneath your dress. Can I cumm inside your puss?

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