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34 thoughts on “Young bull breeding white wife

  1. Yes I agree with the others that this is a great clip in many areas. First we see the married white woman screaming with joy as the black bull fucks her hard and fast. Second you know by the girls rock hard nipples, she is really enjoying this black studs big cock and her body and pussy knows it’s meant to be his fuckmeat and not her husbands. Third it wonderful to see this young looking wife going bareback and having her hole flooded with her bull’s sperm and being his personal cumbucket. And finally, that close up of her beautiful large slit and lips just oozing out that creampie which as a cuck I would love to suck out and clean up every drop from her twat but knowing the whole time there was so much jizm pumped in their by that black bull she was so well impregnated no amount of oral was going to effect that awesome breeding.

  2. thats why i love black dick, it gives sensations that white dick can’t. also he was laughing, if somehow a whiteboy got her pussy to shake like that he’d of came in a second.

  3. Hot Clip , she loves being filled by BBC. Love how she screams when she feels that black seed being shot into her belly. preggo for sure .. !

  4. That was beautiful! Her screams of pain as he repeatedly plunged his big black cock into her unprotected white pussy drove him on, and he finished exactly like he was supposed to, flooding her womb with his seed, with her little dicked husband witnessing the conception of their children!

  5. My wife sounded like this for years. Took a child and more fucking before she could tke it all. have fucked many women over the years. I did not hurt them like this, just stuck in enough to let thme know I can and fucked them good. Pain inside the pussy is not a good thing. She would enjoy 4 ot 5 inches much more. Just ignorance on the part of the producers.

  6. My husband and I have 3 beautiful mulatto chil dren from 3 different bulls. 2 girls and a boy. My husband is unable to produce children, so to start a family we decided to have fun and live out his cuckold fantasy. (Mine Too ;0) So we placed ads on Craigslist for good looking, WELL endowed and disease free bulls. We had no trouble getting responses lol. We would meet at a Motel bar, have a few drinks and chat to loosen up and head to the room where my husband would film the conceptions. My husband would lick me to another orgasm when the bull was through 🙂 We are thinking about having another child soon. So guys, Keep your on the Craigslist personals 😉

  7. I have bred many white women married and single.its the way it is in todays maternal attachment to my seed at all.make them pregnant and walk away.the DNA proves its my seed and all parental right terminated.YAY!! so where are the hot fertile unprotected white pussy at…take my seed and give it life.

  8. Ifucked the white wife of my client who had hired me to breed her.I pumped my semen deep inside her and sure her egg was fertilised by my sperm.She is 8 months preg carrying my bbbaby.

  9. She has a perfect body and deserves to be fucked well. Because she is a hot mature white lady she should be treated like this. The black cock dominates her and she knows full well to obey the master. being blonde myself i envy her and am desperate to be fucked liked this and looking for the right man.
    As a white woman i know she is having the time of her life with a beautiful tool. Her beauty is only to be treated like fuckmeat by a black guy. When in the bedroom we whgite women know that the blackl cock is ultimate master as it knows how to reach us hot white women to multiple orgasms. the evidence is clear here.

    I love this site

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