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Your black Boss with your wife

You accidentally discovered this picture on the PC. It was clicked while you were sent away for the weekend by your black boss. (Your boss, your hot wife and her precious sister.) “So this is what my black boss does when he sends me away. I don’t know how to break this to my mother. She’d be heartbroken.”
Who do you think is clicking the picture, jackass?Your black Boss with your wife

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5 thoughts on “Your black Boss with your wife

    1. Sounds and looks like a set up to me just to get the husband out of town.Wife don’t care,long and as she get’s black cock,of course it would be different if it were the other way around.Me, I’d take my mosburg 12 gauge pump and stick it in the guy’s throat, tell him don’t touch my wife ever again.

  1. When white wives start taking on BBC, they find understanding and support from friends and relatives to be very helpful. Apparently the husband in this case wasn’t up to it. So it’s good that his mom stepped in to encourage her daughter-in-law and sister to explore the pleasures of going black. But I do think the black boss should give the husband a raise. That way the hub could feel like his wife is receiving “worker’s compensation” for her sexual services.

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